Bite-Sized Brilliance: Maximizing Sales Training with Microlearning

Bite-Sized Learning
January 3, 2024
3 minutes
Bite-Sized Learning

Let’s cut to the chase: salespeople are busy. They would always rather focus on booking meetings and closing sales than “wasting time” on training.

That’s why any sales enablement training you provide has to be short, sharp and hyper-relevant to their immediate needs. If your learning content can help them get more meetings, close more deals or boost the value of their sales, your salespeople will sit up and take notice.

That’s where content chunking comes in. It’s one of the most powerful tools in your sales enablement training kit, and a vital part of microlearning. But what exactly is it, and why is it especially useful for winning over your salespeople?

What is content chunking?

Content chunking is a crucial element of microlearning. It involves breaking down information into small, manageable “chunks” or modules.

Opting for a bite-sized approach instead of traditional lengthy learning courses helps boost engagement and knowledge absorption, and fits better into salespeople’s busy schedules.

Chunking your content is a highly effective way to boost the efficiency of your learning program, especially for time-pressured sales reps who are constantly on the go.


TIP: If you’re providing bite-sized content chunks, ensure they are tagged or organized appropriately in your learning platform to make them modular and easier to find. dominKnow’s Knowledge Base is fully searchable, making it easy for busy salespeople to find what they need quickly.

81% of sales executives cited content search and utilization as the top productivity improvement area.
- Spotio

How content chunking increases retention and engagement

It’s no secret that the human brain is pretty limited when it comes to short-term memory - also known as the “working space” of our brains. We can only store around seven items of information in our short-term memory, so those long, complex courses may be even less effective than we initially assume. 

That’s why content chunking is ideal for just-in-time performance support, such as sales enablement job aids. That could look like: 

  • A sales rep brushing up on important software industry trends and challenges ahead of a meeting with a software company
  • Learning about key competitor products and features before meeting with a prospect using the competitors’ product
  • Dedicating five minutes a day to reviewing content relevant to an agreed content gap identified with the sales leader
  • Completing a level in a sales training game to learn new ways to deal with prospect objections
  • Engaging with a tech stack demo on how to find new prospects to target from your prospect database tool

These activities could be recommended by the sales leader, or could be self-directed based on each rep’s daily meetings or schedule. By breaking learning down into these small, focused chunks, reps are much more likely to remember what they need, when they need it.

Get started with content chunking

Ready to start content chunking for your sales enablement training? We’ve got you covered! Our brand-new 10-step guide is packed full of practical advice to improve your sales enablement training, from chunking to gamification to measuring ROI.

Grab your copy here to give your reps the tools they need to succeed.

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