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Complete eLearning projects faster with built-in authoring collaborative workflow and review tools.

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Manage eLearning Projects and Teams
Manage Projects and Teams

Keep projects, teams and content organized in one place and manage multiple courses and content under the same project.

Track eLearning Projects and Progress
Track projects and Progress

Assign life cycles to track each stage of a project for improved management and progress measurement.

Closed Captioning
Project Reporting

Quickly see all content, content activity, author and reviewer history, and logs at a glance for any project.

Collaboration & Review

Collaborate easily without leaving the tool or publishing

Work simultaneously with other team members on the same project and bring all your communications together in one system. Equip your entire team with authoring collaboration and review tools for cooperative workflow.
Manage Training as a Team

Collaborate in real-time using built-in design and tracking tools. Co-author content and get feedback from reviewers.

Never Get Your Wires Crossed

See who took action and know when changes have been made and by who. All comments are logged and tracked for everyone to see.

Follow the Audit Trail

Manage course versions, roll back to older versions, and know when a version has been modified and by who.

Collaboration & Review

Streamline the review process

Gain stakeholder buy-in with a simple review process that quickly gets your content into the reviewers and subject matter experts (SMEs) hands. Easily view, reply, add comments, and resolve issues on the fly within the same interface, no separate tools or integrations needed.
Streamlined eLearning Review Process
Review scheduling

Set start and end dates for review and notify reviewers automatically.

Manage and add users

Assign and manage authors and reviewers or create and assign to teams.

Review comments

Reviewers can easily add comments to a page or a specific element. Other reviewers or authors can like or reply to comments.

review tracking

See review statistics, reviewer notes, and assigned reviewers from within the authoring interface.

Store Learning Assets in Central Library
Store Learning Assets

The central media library stores and tracks all your assets in one location.

Share and Reuse eLearning Assets
Share and Reuse Assets

Easily share and reuse learning content across any project

Keep Track of eLearning Assets in Central Library
Track Assets

Never lose anything again. Know where all your assets are being used.

Collaboration & Review

Work better together and reduce the time it takes to complete your training projects

Complete projects faster with dominKnow’s authoring collaboration and review tools. Team members can collaborate in real-time using built-in design and tracking tools and easily add reviewers.
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