Optimize Building & Updating Your eLearning With The Power of a LCMS

Scale and speed your learning projects by organizing all your assets in a central location to create multi-use, reusable, and shareable content that is easily updated across any number of versions.

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PC, MAC, and Chromebook friendly
A highly secure LCMS

Manage author roles and permissions across a highly secure infrastructure.

Project Management
Project Management

Manage projects, teams, and content. Assign life cycles to track progress and quickly review activity reports.

Collaboration and Review
Collaboration and Review

Collaborate in real-time using built-in design and tracking tools.  Easily share resources, co-author content, and get feedback from reviewers.

Manage eLearning Assets
Access every important file

With a cloud-based central library you and your team members will have more time to focus on what matters.


Manage and maintain brand consistency and ensure you are always using accurate content. Update the theme on multiple courses in one step.

Sharing and Reuse

Easily share and make use of existing content to speed development.

Manage course updates and versions
Mass Updates

Make mass updates and revisions across multiple courses in one place with one change.


Revert back to a previous version of a page.

Translated Versions

Easily create and manage translated courses while still being connected to the parent course.


Get your content working for you

Do you work on a learning projects that require multiple types of content for multiple applications?  dominKnow lets you create different types of content for different moments of need, all from a single source.

Create multiple outputs and integrate with any LMS

dominKnow | ONE ensures all your content is ready in any format you need by following best practices and eLearning standards.  
Flexible publishing to LMS (SCORM, xAPI), Web, Print (PDF, .doc), LRS (xAPI), and Mobile App

Everything you make is HTML5-based.


Easily publish to any SCORM version, xAPI or AICC without programming.


Use PENS for one-click uploading into your Learning Management System (LMS).


Meet industry recognized accessibility standards 508, WCAG 2.0 Level AA, and WAI-ARIA compliance.


Make full use of existing content

Getting your content into dominKnow is easier than you think.  dominKnow | ONE enables you to bring in content from multiple sources to simplify migration and speed content development.
PowerPoint Import
PowerPoint Import

Convert existing PowerPoint training files that are editable and ready to enhance.

Word Import
Word Import

Import Word files including images. dominKnow automatically creates learning objects, pages, and test questions by leveraging word styles.

Test Question Import
Test Question Import

Take an existing bank of questions in Excel and import test questions.

Legacy Content Import
Import Legacy System Content

dominKnow can create a custom migration using XML import to convert existing legacy system content.

Friendly support team at the ready

We’ve earned a strong reputation for delivering superior customer support, with a human touch. We offer everything you need, from a world-class support team, online user community, training and support related resources.