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Publish your eLearning as SCORM, xAPI, AICC, CMI5, Web, or Print and use PENS for one-click uploading into your LMS.  

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Gain better insight with automatically generated xAPI statements

dominKnow | ONE is the only authoring system that automatically generates xAPI statements for almost any action your learner takes. Leverage better data from a wider range of learner experiences. Do it easily without writing a line of code (no JavaScript) and connect to one or more Learning Record Stores (LRS) in a few simple steps.
Experience API (xAPI) Tin-Can automatically generated statements
Transcript Launched
Interacted with Component
Accessed Glossary Term
Experienced Page
Failed Practice Inline Question
Objective Achieved
Activity Passed
Passed Course: 88%

Simple SCORM, AICC and CMI5 publishing

Create SCORM, AICC and CMI5 compliant content and publish in one-click to all versions of SCORM, AICC and CMI5.

Save time with one-click publishing to your LMS using PENS

Ensure your authors are spending their time creating content and not uploading to a Learning Management System (LMS). With dominKnow PENS compliant authoring, you can easily upload content to your LMS in one-click. Updates are simple and automatically sent to the LMS without re-publishing.
PENS compliant publishing to your LMS

Flexible publishing to get content where users need it most

Most workplace learning takes place on the job through informal training. dominKnow | ONE gives you the flexibility to distribute any type of learning, anywhere your learners need it on any device.
Flexible publishing to LMS (SCORM, xAPI), Web, Print (PDF, .doc), LRS (xAPI), and Mobile App
Performance Support / Job Aids

Publish parts of an eLearning course as a web page, knowledge base or infographic to give learners additional support on the job.

Resource Documents

Create PDFs, quick-start guides or other printable resources to support in classroom training and on-the-job initiatives.

Anytime Access

Publish to the dominKnow mobile app to create a library of courses that users can access from anywhere online or offline.

Convey hosting and publishing
Instantly share a web Link

Make your web package available on your website or intranet, or use Convey to instantly generate and share a link.

Track User Data

Publish your project as an xAPI package. Data will be sent to your LRS automatically without the need to find an alternate location to host.

Speed Course publishing

Content revisions don’t need to be re-published in your LMS, only in Convey, eliminating time-consuming updates.

Friendly support team at the ready

We’ve earned a strong reputation for delivering superior customer support, with a human touch. We offer everything you need, from a world-class support team, online user community, training and support related resources.