Training and more with ONE Success

The ONE Success program helps ensure that you and your content creation team get started successfully in dominKnow | ONE and ensures that you remain successful as your team changes over time.

ONE Success can help you execute your vision

Change can be daunting, which is why we've designed the ONE Success program to not only get you up to speed quickly, but ensure you're maximizing the value out of dominKnow | ONE as your organization grows.

ONE Success has several components:

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ONE Charter

Your organization’s needs and milestones, to guide how we work together.

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ONE Learning

Training to get your initial content creation team started plus available training as new creators join your team.

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ONE Jumpstart

Schedule onboarding sessions as you add new creators throughout the year.

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ONE Shares

Regularly-scheduled sessions for your creators to ask questions and get help.

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ONE Care

One on one or small group sessions for
when you need help, fast.

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ONE Ahead

Overview sessions for feature releases.

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ONE Support

REAL people providing phone (unlimited) and web meeting support to answer all your questions.

“The online training resources and user meetings are brilliant.”

“All the sessions were held in an encouraging atmosphere, the instructor was always super patient with us and never rushed anything, making sure that each team member was getting a grasp of the tool.”

“The support I receive is simply the best. Consistently top notch. Your service is what others can only dream of.”

Other Training Resources:

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