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Our team helps clients around the world from our home base in Ottawa, Canada.

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Who We Are

Innovating in the eLearning space since 1997, dominKnow provides cloud-based collaborative authoring software for learning content development and management. We provide the foundation for organizations developing training and support content. ​
Here's a slice of what you can expect at dominKnow
Movie afternoon on the big screen at the office.
(Maybe we’ll get ‘back’ to that in the future.)​
We don’t need a reason to celebrate,
although reasons help us ease the guilt.​
Contestants lined up for our Halloween
pumpkin carving contest.​
There’s always room at the table for another player.​
Christmas decorations leave us up the creek
without a paddle.​
Again, with the eating…​

Our Mission

To empower people of all skill levels to create interactive, accessible, and engaging learning content across a variety of mediums, and to enable teams to build better content together, effectively and efficiently. ​


​Our team is passionate about education. Our products are designed to foster collaboration and promote learning content creation. Not surprisingly, as an organization, we love learning, and promote an organizational environment of collaboration, continual education, and continual improvement.


We evolve and innovate by keeping our ear to the ground. We listen to our teammates for fresh ideas. We listen to our enterprise partners on what they need. We listen to people historically underrepresented in our industry about how we can support them. We listen to our employees, who have unique insights into how we can continue to excel. ​We put our values to work in our communities, both professional and geographic.


Today, many employers demand your loyalty without offering any in return. We believe it should go both ways. dominKnow makes an honest effort to support and accommodate team members through good times and bad, and we’ve been blessed with many long-term contributors to our organization.

We put our values to work in our communities, both professional and geographic.​

License Sponsorship

We support non-profits dedicated to improving the inclusivity of our industry by providing dominKnow | ONE licenses free of charge.

What We Offer

A Slightly Different Vibe ​
dominKnow is a small community – as such, we offer a different work environment than a slow-turning corporate giant or an overfunded boom/bust start-up.  ​

​We've made our living on steady growth and innovation, a sincere desire to give clients a solid product, and an investment in the long-term retention of our people. ​

A Voice In Your Development

We value the development and retention of employees. Other companies may see you as a cog they can trim into the right shape and replace as needed – we value your individual strengths and contributions. As a small company, we have no promotion ladder you can "climb," but we also don't put limits on your growth. You have the opportunity to shape your role and direction in the company (within your team's needs, naturally).

A Stable Strategic Vision

​Our business revenue is directly affected by satisfied clients. We're small enough that we need to improve for our clients' benefit, but we're free from the capricious whims of venture capital. This encourages quality products and continual evolution but keeps our strategic vision "slower but steady."  ​

A Sustainable Work Life​​

As an employee, this means sustainable work hours with the occasional crunch, strategic long-term projects, and paced but regular innovation. Combined with our size, it means you directly contribute ideas and see the results of your work. And while we can't provide a treehouse office or a slide to the lobby, you’ll receive a solid salary and reasonable expectations.   ​

A Proven History of Innovation ​

We've redefined what people expect from an eLearning authoring tool by being early adopters and creators of:


FLASH-free, HTML5-based code to facilitate cross-platform compatibility.


Cloud-based, collaborative, and ease-of-use features.


xAPI support, back when it was still known as Tin Can.


Responsive design authoring that doesn't sacrifice creativity or power.


Support for creating software simulation utilizing a cross platform desktop /
cloud hybrid solution


Dynamic content delivery for rapid publishing.

​What's next?  

You can help us decide!

Tangible Benefits​


Extended healthcare, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance ​


A flexible schedule, occasional WFH option, and paid time off ​


Casual dress, great beverages, and on-site parking ​


Self-directed learning encouraged and supported, and tuition reimbursement available ​

Who We Want

​We'll save the hard skills for the job profile, but we can tell you we're looking for a few good folks who can: ​
Troubleshoot and Problem Solve Like a Pro
We need team members to prevent future problems as well as identify and fix the current ones.  
Direct Their Own Curiosity and Creativity
Without 12 managers per employee, we count on our team members to investigate and create of their own initiative, in productive ways.
Be a Good Teammate 
In a small office, interpersonal skills and cooperation are the secret key to everyone's happiness (or sanity, at the least).
Be an Effective Communicator  
We're looking for excellent English language skills and the ability to get their point across effectively, whether it's written or verbal, technical or non-technical.