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Design Templates

dominKnow | ONE comes with dozens of great-looking design templates for Claro and Flow projects.

Two dominKnow ONE templates
PPT Import

Get started easily by importing content you’ve already made in PowerPoint then making it even better by adding new interactions  and  assessments.

Upload a PowerPoint modal
Baselines and 
organization templates

Create your own custom organizational content designs and templates to help all authors save time and ensure branding standards are always met.

Create a Baseline modal.
DLC Sample Content

Start a project based on any one of our sample content projects, from elearning to microlearning to infographics and games. Simply edit it to make it your own.

Two dominKnow projects.

Adaptive Interface

Novice authors can choose Essentials or Essentials Plus mode for access to just the basic features they need.

Experienced authors can use Designer mode to access all available features.

And larger organizations can choose to set authors in one of these modes.
A dropdown with the three authoring modes, Essentials, Essentials Plus and Designer.

Ribbon Toggle

Authors can choose to work with the full ribbon tabs available or with the ribbon off.

There’s no loss of functionality, just the option to work the way that suits you best.
Ribbon toggle in Off position

Element Controls

As you add elements to a page, the Element Controls provide quick access to formatting and design options, editing modes, adding actions and triggers, and more.

The Element controls are also a communication tool, showing added markers if actions have been set or if certain settings have been changed from default.
A place holder with Lorem Ipsum text.

Inline Help

The Help element control offers contextual help information from our integrated dominKnow Community.

Plus, an added marker alerts authors to new or unread help articles for each specific element type.

The help articles open right within dominKnow | ONE, plus you can search across the hundreds of articles, lessons and more in the Community.
The inline help showing an article on Working with Text elements.

Build more, quickly and easily

Adding new pages to a project then adding content to those pages is fast and simple. dominKnow | ONE makes it easy for authors to add complex interactions with no programming required. Wizard-based processes make it easy to set up exercises and activities. And dominKnow | ONE includes a built-in, easy-to-use image editor along with Capture, our software simulation feature, so authors don’t need any other tools.
Page and Question Template Libraries
dominKnow | ONE has hundreds of Page and Question templates available.

Each of them are fully-customizable.

Organizations can also make their own template pages and questions to match their required branding and look and feel.

And all content – Learning Objects, Pages and Questions – is fully searchable so authors can quickly find content in other projects to re-use or repurpose as needed.
A collage of templates.
Add to Your Page panel  
As you work, everything you can add to a page is just one click away on the Add to Your Page panel.

Authors can customize their Favorites tab including saving Flow Sections and Claro Layers to their own personal library.

The All tab categorizes content options to help make it easy to find Text, Media, Interactions, Layouts and more.

And on the Search tab authors can search across their entire dominKnow | ONE site to find content to add to a page.
A collection of images showing the Add to Your Page Panel, Favorites, All Sections and Search.
Prebuilt Components and interactions
dominKnow | ONE has pre-built easy-to-use components like Tab Sets, Content Carousels and Accordion Menus to add to any page.

Our Scenario Builder makes it easy to create branching conversation scenarios that can even be used as test questions.

And we have a collection of wizard-based page interactions that are easy to add with no programming required, including:
• Quiz exercises (Multiple Choice, True or False, Multiple Pulldown, Click the Word, Drag the Word, Sorting)
• Flash, Flip and  Match card sets
•Video playlists
A collection of prebuilt components and interactions. Multiple Choice, Card Match, Vimeo to name a few.
Built-in, Easy-to-Use Image Editor and Software Simulation Tools
Our built-in, integrated Image Editor makes it easy for authors to add filters, crop and resize images and more.

And with our easy-to-use Capture feature for software lessons anyone can quickly record the steps in a software task and then use the recording in Show Me, Try Me, Guide Me and even Test Me modes.

There’s no need for authors to purchase and learn other tools.
The Image Editor within dominKnow ONE.
Stock Media Libraries
Save time looking for media files by taking advantage of the thousands of images and illustrations available in dominKnow |ONE’s media collections.

From our People collection to our stock images and more, the libraries are fully searchable and can be used in any dominKnow | ONE Project.

And they’re available for free for every dominKnow | ONE author.
Stock Libraries menu
Inline Help

The answers you need are available for every element you add to a page, right on the page. 

Training Guides

Learn from making a new project through to publishing with our self-study training guides. 

Community site

The dominKnow Community is always available, 24-7. Search across hundreds of articles, lessons and more from right within dominKnow | ONE as you work.  Or visit the Community site to ask questions and add comments.

User meetups

Join other client authors and learn from your peers in our weekly user meetup where any question is a good question.  

ILT training

Have your whole team get up to speed quickly and all at the same time with our instructor-led author training options, including special classes on Accessibility and Game design.

Support team

Reach out to our support team from right within dominKnow | ONE.

Friendly support team at the ready

We’ve earned a strong reputation for delivering superior customer support, with a human touch. We offer everything you need, from a world-class support team, online user community, training and support related resources.