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#IDIODC is a weekly live eLearning videocast & podcast hosted by Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden

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IDIODC eLearning Podcast & Videocast

Each Wednesday at 10AM ET our hosts and Instructional Designers, Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden along with industry experts, host a 30 minute live interactive videocast. Each episode is recorded and made available as a podcast and video.

Meet Your Hosts

Host, Brent Schlenker

Brent Schlenker

Brent is dominKnow's Community Manager, L&D influencer, and has over 20 years experience in the learning industry. He’s built and re-built training organizations and developed innovative technology based learning solutions across companies of all sizes. Brent is also a highly experienced videographer.

Host, Chris Van Wingerden

Chris Van Wingerden

Chris is dominKnow's Vice President of Learning Solutions, a dynamic presenter with over 15 years experience in the L&D industry. Chris plays an important role in the development, training and delivery of the dominKnow | ONE suite of eLearning tools and learning content management system.

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workplace efficiency
You know that particular and quick mannered way you react when suddenly startled? You might move back, scream or freeze up. Well, that basic human instinctual response (manifested within the "Lizard Brain") is also responsible for a lot of other things you wouldn't think of, that in fact play a great part in determining what you do and how you live on a day-to-day basis.

The "Lizard Brain", as we call it, is a lot more powerful than we give credit to. Join the session with special guest Mike Taylor as the gang talks about ways we can better understand this part of our brain and how to use it to our advantage!
Join the live session this Wednesday!

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