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Easily create almost any type of content imaginable for any use on any device.

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Two powerful authoring modes, one integrated system

dominKnow | ONE elearning authoring software brings together traditional eLearning course authoring with powerful responsive authoring and built-in software simulation, together in one integrated system. This means you need fewer tools to build more kinds of eLearning faster with rapid authoring, templates, stock assets, a central library to share and reuse content across projects, and real-time collaboration and review.
dominKnow | ONE - Flow and Claro Authoring

Flow Responsive Elearning Authoring Tool

Create multiple types of responsive content without sacrificing functionality and user experience. Flow doesn't just shrink content, it automatically adapts to every device, creating true responsive content so you only need to author once.

Easily get started with loads of templates and features to customize and create engaging and visually-stunning content.

Claro Course Elearning Authoring Tool

Claro is dominKnow’s original elearning authoring tool. Claro is a popular choice for creating traditional eLearning. Claro courses are HTML5 based and scale to fit any sized screen and use responsive players to improve the mobile learning experience.

Choose a template or convert existing PowerPoint files into powerful and engaging eLearning courses.

Built-in software simulation and screen capture

You don’t need another elearning authoring tool to add software simulations, screen captures, and animated GIFs to Flow or Claro projects.  dominKnow | ONE comes integrated with a powerful and responsive simulator app for Windows and Mac users.
Step-by-step instruction

Show me - records all steps and provides an interactive video-like experience where learners can start from any step in the demonstration.

Visualize individual Steps

Guide me - allows users to quickly view all steps in a process.

Explore for Yourself

Try me - allows users to interact, try for themselves, and use hints as needed.


Authoring that adapts to your team's needs

dominKnow | ONE makes authoring easy with interchangeable workspaces for different author types. You'll maximize your team's combined efforts since each team member may not have the same role, experience, or time. dominKnow | ONE's adaptive workspaces can be changed to meet the needs of any role on your learning team all with just one elearning authoring tool.
Adjustable workspace
Adjustable Workspaces

Users can be set up to be locked in one mode or given the option to adjust their settings as their needs and experience grow.


Need to get up and running quickly, with Essentials, authors have a minimal interface giving them the ability to quickly create great looking content.

Essentials Plus

Want to add more interactivity, move beyond the team and system provided templates.


Experience the full power of dominKnow | ONE with access to all the features


Create anything you want

Modern learners require more than just formal eLearning courses.  With dominKnow | ONE you get more kinds of content to choose from and the ability to customize any way you like.

Unlock your content with single-source authoring

Create multiple types of content from a single-source.  Each component of a learning program is broken down into different objects that can be reused and manipulated by instructional designers and developers.  This lets you do more, faster.
Knowledge Base
Job Aid
Support Portal

Rapid eLearning authoring software for beginner to advanced authors

Get a jump on any project with multiple ways to get started.  Whether you’re new to authoring or highly experienced, dominKnow | ONE combines quick-start abilities with advanced customization.
Rapid eLearning Authoring
Get Started Quickly

Choose from several content types, themes, templates, and layouts.  Customize with speed and ease.

Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Convert from powerPoint

Take existing PowerPoint slides and convert them to traditional eLearning.

Manage digital assets
Manage Digital Assets

Use your own assets or choose from countless pre-loaded stock photos, characters, icons, and shapes.

Sharing, Reuse, and Versioning
Share, Reuse And Versioning

Easily share, reuse, and update existing content.  Made a mistake? No sweat, roll back to an earlier version. Say goodbye to lost content and hello to faster development and mass updates.

WCAG Level 2.0 AA
Customizable look and feel

With theme designer, you can easily create a look and feel that reflects your organization's brand. You can reuse the theme across all your courses and if standards change, update all of them at once.


Easily build interactive and engaging experiences without boundaries

Let us do the heavy lifting with loads of interactions that perform out of the box with no modifications. dominKnow | ONE gives you a complete elearning authoring toolset that is easy to use and powerful for advanced users with no programming required.
Powerful eLearning Components
Powerful Components

Easily add pre-built tab sets, panels, carousels, flip cards, timelines, and more.   

Learner Initiated Events
Learner Initiated Events

Choose from dozens of different types of actions and triggers such as show, hide, swap, lightbox, animate, and more.

Interactive eLearning Scenarios
Interactive Scenarios

Use branching, navigation, and conditions to build content that enables learners to take control of their learning path.

Personalized Experiences

Use system and custom variables to create highly individualized interactions, track learner usage for custom events and even create scoring or awards for gamification.

Design Options

Easily create a unique look and feel with themes, page, section, and dynamic backgrounds. Set entrance effects to animate content as learners scroll.

User Input and Progress

Gather input from users with form controls sliders, radio buttons, checkboxes, menus and more.  Use this information with progress bars and gauges to give learners immediate feedback.

Do More, Faster with a Powerful eLearning Authoring System

dominKnow | ONE gives you all the features of an elearning authoring tool you need in one place to author, collaborate and manage any content.
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PC, MAC, and Chromebook friendly

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