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Efficiently author, manage, and publish your content to ensure your employees, customers, and stakeholders have the right information, right when they need it.

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Industry-recognized excellence in helping customers improve organizational performance​

Russel Alejandro
Learning Design Manager Corporate Project Management, ePerformax

“With dominKnow | ONE, ePERFORMAX was able to create a course that saved approximately 2,250 productive employee hours for 1,000 employees. That time saved translated into a huge cost savings which allowed us to push forward with other initiatives sooner than anticipated.”

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ONE centralized solution to create and distribute learning content across critical business channels.

We are transforming the very idea of how organizations provide learning and knowledge to power performance improvement. ​​

Learning isn’t an event, it’s a continuous process. And it isn’t limited to just a learning management system (LMS). ​​

From a centralized content management hub, simultaneously maintain and deliver organizational knowledge across all learning channels, spanning the learning spectrum for all target learners.
Picture of women on laptop with labels Control Access, and Knowledge Hub
Many solutions promise learning in the flow of work, dominKnow is truly delivering it.

And with the dominKnow | ONE solution you can make and deliver content that truly improves employee performance with no more effort than just making LMS-based courses. ​

Stop making single-use learning content​

You lose hours of productivity every time new content is created for the same topics. ​​

You lose more hours updating all that content separately.​​

You lose even more hours tracking down all the places it’s been shared.

​​With dominKnow | ONE you can create content once to satisfy every need – training and performance support, desktop or tablet or smartphone – and keep it all in sync. ​​

It's a great win.​
Make Content Once: Course, Knowledge Base, Job Aid, Support Portal. Distribute It Everywhere Your Audience Is.
dominKnow has all the tools your team needs to create and distribute custom learning content wherever and whenever it’s needed.​

Quickly create effective and engaging content including software lessons. Start with beautiful templates and customize any way you like.​​

Dynamic Publishing and Delivery ​​

Deliver formal and informal learning more efficiently with a secure cloud-based, multichannel publishing engine.​


Complete projects faster with built-in collaborative workflow and review tools.​


Design content that works on any device, without limitations.​


Support your whole audience and ensure your content is accessible and standards-conformant.​


Simplify the process of translating and localizing your content for your global audience.​

COVID-19 and dominKnow
Like every company in these unprecedented times, we are taking steps to limit our employees’ exposure and risk and maintain our services with no interruptions.

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