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Our best-in-class responsive design, HTML5 output, and mobile app gives you the power to deliver any learning content on any device. With dominKnow | ONE your search for responsive elearning authoring tools
is at an end.

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PC, MAC, and Chromebook friendly
Responsive & Mobile

Author once for all devices

When you author responsive eLearning with dominKnow | ONE, you’re already making content for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. You focus on creating great content and let dominKnow worry about how it looks on each device. dominKnow does all the heavy lifting.
Flow Responsive eLearning Authoring
Responsive & Mobile

Creating responsive content shouldn't sacrifice learner experience

Toss the shackles and create content your users will love. dominKnow Flow mode has the same power of traditional authoring tools, only responsive. Create truly responsive content that adapts to any screen size. Add any interaction or animation and dominKnow handles the rest with no modifications needed. It’s a responsive elearning authoring tool done right!
Responsive & Mobile

Author HTML5 content that scales to any device

Use Claro authoring mode for traditional eLearning courses.  Claro outputs HTML5 that scales to fit any device and uses a responsive player.  With Claro, you can easily create courses from scratch, start with a template, or convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses.
Claro Mobile-Friendly HTML5 eLearning Authoring
Responsive & Mobile

Deliver training anywhere, online or offline with our mobile app

Give learners access to content authored in dominKnow | ONE from iOS or Android devices and integrate downloadable learning content for offline use.  If you're interested in the dominKnow mobile app as a standalone solution or to track your results offline and send them back to your LMS, visit our eLearning mobile app page. Our mobile app can actually let you even use any of the responsive eLearning authoring tools available, not just dominKnow |ONE.
eLearning Mobile App
eLearning Mobile App available in App StoreeLearning Mobile App available for Google Play

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