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It’s nice to have the backing of the eLearning industry, but the proof of great products always lies with customer satisfaction. dominKnow products are enjoyed around the world by organizations both large and small.

Learn how dominKnow | ONE
has helped these client teams

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Learn how dominKnow | ONE
has helped these client teams

The Stride, Inc. content team increased their elearning course creation capacity by 400% by using dominKnow | ONE. In the process, they also improved the quality of their learning content by taking advantage of dominKnow | ONE’s authoring features to be more creative.
Niyoka McCoy
Chief Academic Officer at Stride
“In an effort to continue to be innovative, I encourage the designers to think outside of the box and truly maximize dominKnow to its fullest capabilities. We have learned so much and have not found anything that dominKnow cannot do when it comes to building exemplar training and professional development for all of our customers.”
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Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

A multinational pharmaceutical corporation, among the world's largest by revenue, wanted to centralize and optimize the development of training resources for its sales teams. This was quite an undertaking, as their training needs span 58 countries in 45 languages. Eight years after choosing dominKnow, they continue to see productivity improvements and reduced course development costs.
Sr. Mgr. Global Training Operations, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company
"What comes out of dominKnow | ONE helps you break the conventional eLearning design we are used to. You can create content which is new to the learners, and we can easily get the learners hooked onto it."
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Content Conversions to dominKnow | ONE

From XML-based SCORM packages to PDFs, many clients come to dominKnow | ONE with an existing catalog of elearning courses created in other tools or formats. The dominKnow services team has a proven track record of helping client teams convert legacy content into editable content in both of dominKnow | ONE’s authoring options, Claro and Flow. This Success Story outlines several different dominKnow mass conversion projects with unique content starting points, from a client team with tens of thousands of elearning course pages to a team with several thousand assessment questions.
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider
Sr VP Busines Development, dominKnow
“One of the most daunting aspects of migrating to a new authoring tool is the prospect of leaving your existing content out in the cold. Even when you know you need a change, the very real possibility of losing years of courseware can be a dealbreaker…  This is a story we hear a lot from prospective customers, especially those with a large amount of legacy content, and it’s why dominKnow offers custom conversion services that directly address your most common concerns.”
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CENGN had a unique set of challenges to solve when they came to dominKnow | One. They needed to transform their training resources from PDFs into full-fledged, interactive eLearning courses. And they needed to design these courses using interns with strong technical skills but no experience in eLearning development by onboarding and training these interns quickly enough for productivity during their short internship period.
Peter Heath
Senior Manager of Training Programs at CENGN
Within four months of choosing dominKnow | ONE, they were well on their way with five functioning courses on cloud and networking technologies.

“dominKnow’s tools are quite intuitive and are enabling CENGN to rapidly transform cloud technology expertise into professional quality eLearning products.”
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The Society of Actuaries cuts content review time by 50%, and development by 25% creating and managing more than 400 pre-qualification and continuing education courses and over 10,000 pages of content using dominKnow’s web-based content authoring and publishing platform.
Leslie Fausher
e-Learning Manager,
Society of Actuaries
“The dominKnow platform has streamlined our review and feedback process immensely. Today everything is easily tracked and updated across time-zones and countries. With dominKnow, SOA saves more than 50% of the time we used to spend in the review process.”
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UL EHS Sustainability needed a content authoring and publishing platform to convert and manage almost 200 FLASH-based courses into fully accessible and reusable learning content. dominKnow’s centralized platform and integrated workflow tools maximized resources and saved time and money for UL EHS Sustainability.
Portrait of Susan Murphy.
Susan Murphy

“dominKnow’s centralized platform and workflow tools help us maximize our resources and save time and money. For example, we currently have 800 course translations underway and we estimate a 50% reduction in translation costs with the dominKnow platform compared to our previous methods and tools.”
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Vital Learning had to rebuild a suite of 25 eLearning courses from scratch while ensuring HTML5 compatibility. Choosing dominKnow's web-based authoring and publishing platform enabled their content development team to complete the project ahead of schedule and almost 40% under budget.
Todd Macey
Product Manager,
Vital Learning
“Our team got up to speed and started building course in just a few weeks. Our project was completed almost 40% under budget.”
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dominKnow Learning Systems' partner Larmer Brown was contracted by Connect Plus Services (CPS) to implement a robust safety training program for the Dartford Crossing project — the busiest estuarial crossing in the United Kingdom with over 50 million crossings a year. Collaborative development and content re-use were central to the project meeting extremely aggressive deadlines.
Janice Brown
Director, Larmer Brown
“Because dominKnow is a cloud-based, collaborative authoring environment with all assets centrally stored and accessible, we were able to adapt and re-use content across all phases of the project in both a classroom and eLearning setting. This saved a vast amount of time and effort and allowed us to meet our aggressive project deadlines.”
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Módulo Corporate University (MCU) was built to teach staff, clients and partners the intricacies of Módulo’s project management methodology and GRC management solutions. In order to quickly build engaging content for any device, Módulo chose the dominKnow platform.
Marcio Galvão
Módulo Corporate University Manager
“My team researched cloud-based learning content management solutions and after a cost-benefit analysis we chose dominKnow.”
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WIN was working to develop a set of workforce skills courses for recent high school and college graduates entering the workforce for the first time. With a development team dispersed across the entire U.S., a web-based tool designed for teams was critical for success.
Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli
Gabrielle Consulting, Inc.
“All of my team members, regardless of their experience in working with various development tools, were easily able to learn dominKnow.”
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