Effective Sales Enablement Through Custom eLearning

Teams with and without customized sales training
October 4, 2023
5 Minutes
Teams with and without customized sales training

Sales ramp-up time, productivity and quota achievement are critical to organizational growth. Companies that provide customized training across those pillars increase their revenue-readiness by incrementally improving across the most critical KPIs.

The statistics on sales enablement programs

Without customized sales training:

  • Only 43% of B2B Sellers are hitting their quotas1
  • Only 33% of sales leaders2 say they offer a great onboarding experience
  • On average, the typical onboarding sales process takes at least 38 days3

With custom sales training:

  • Increase revenue per rep, by 26%4 (65% more for new reps).
  • 59% of organizations with a sales enablement solution surpassed their targets.5
  • 84% of reps achieve quota with best-in-class sales enablement.6

Customizing sales training content arms your team with knowledge that will drastically increases your quota achievement potential. And by ‘sales training’ we’re not talking about a searchable wiki with outdated documentation. We’re talking about engaging content that actually increases the preparedness of your team by leveraging your sales and industry SMEs (subject matter experts) to guide them through the path to success.

How do you provide custom sales training quickly and effectively?

dominKnow | ONE is an award-winning authoring and knowledge management solution that makes creating custom sales enablement content as easy as using PowerPoint. Quickly convert legacy content (like PDFs and PPTs) or create new, highly engaging interactive content into LMS-ready courses, knowledge bases, or in-the-moment job aids.

With built in collaboration tools, you can develop custom content across a distributed team without slowing down.

Source content is centrally managed, which increases agility for reusing and updating content across your organization’s entire learning ecosystem. The ability to draw insights from your SMEs and utilize that enablement across your onboarding and acceleration training, allows teams to be equipped with information to increase quota achievement and reduce the sales cycle.

With dominKnow | ONE we can roll out short-term quick on-the-go trainings to keep the employees updated on best practices and collectively with our employees, navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape that exists in the banking industry today, and make sure that we're still adhering to our business goals.

Portrait of Leslie RopelatoLeslie Ropelato
Lead Training and Development Specialist

Customized sales training enables teams to:

  • Understand the most effective messaging (value props, offerings, pitches) for talk-tracks and emails
  • Master objection handling for specific industries and/or personas
  • Understand and adhere to the sales process
  • Identify knowledge gaps that require attention
  • Leverage more accurate reporting and forecasts
  • Better prioritize their time on the most important things
  • Maximize utilization of the tech stack, it’s insight, and opportunities

Create a knowledgeable team that’s able to onboard and accelerate faster, with engaging information at their fingertips to drive favorable sales results.

Contact us to find out how you can increase your quota attainment.

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