Game On: Boosting Sales Training with Gamified Learning

Boost Sales Training with Gamified Learning
December 14, 2023
3 minutes
Boost Sales Training with Gamified Learning

Grabbing the attention of your sales reps with learning isn’t easy. Salespeople, more than most other learners, have a strong “what’s in it for me” attitude when it comes to training.

The faster you can convey vital information and knowledge to your reps, the more likely they are to extract real value from your content. That’s why quick, highly interactive, gamified learning resources are just what you need if you’re struggling to make learning a priority for this busy audience.

Why is this, exactly?

The power of gamification for sales teams

Companies using gamification as a sales enablement tool experience a 50% increase in sales team engagement. - ZipDo

For many people, when we think of microlearning, we think of interactivity and gamification . It’s easy to see why - by 2025, 53% of people in the US are expected to play mobile games, so it stands to reason that many people prefer quick, casual, gamified means of delivering learning content.
Gamified Learning is particularly popular for salespeople, as it taps into their natural competitive streak. They tend to enjoy the friendly competition of climbing a leaderboard, winning points and outperforming their colleagues, and if you get it right, it won’t even feel like training!
The type of gamification that works for you will depend on your audience demographics and your learning objectives, but some common approaches to gamified learning include earning points and badges, climbing to the top of a leaderboard and participating in quick mobile quizzes to put new knowledge to the test.

Integrating learning and performance through gamification

While learning is important, what really matters is what your salespeople do with that learning. Engaging with sales enablement material should contribute to a learner’s points, badges or leaderboard position, but if your technology allows for it, why not see if you can integrate your learning and sales platforms to reward both learning and real-world performance?

For instance, connecting your learning platform data with your CRM or Business Intelligence suite means you can reward salespeople for accessing sales enablement content, such as videos, activities or checklists, and for their sales activities, such as booking meetings or making sales. This way, salespeople will see both their effort and performance rewarded, and there will be a clear connection between learning and the impact it has on their sales.

What does gamification for sales enablement look like?

dominKnow’s drive-thru service game is a great example of gamification for any employees who are dealing with customers. In this interactive game, players learn how to become “Headset Heroes” by making the correct customer service choices to earn points against the clock. It helps drive-thru employees brush up on their accuracy, courtesy and speed to sharpen their skills in a variety of realistic scenarios.

Supercharge your entire sales enablement program

When it comes to training, it’s not easy to grab (and keep) the attention of your salespeople- but crucially, it’s not impossible.

Our new 10-step guide is filled with practical, actionable advice for sales leaders looking to get more out of their reps with targeted sales enablement training.In this guide, you’ll discover how to master everything from choosing the right tools to measuring ROI, so it’s a must-read for any sales leader who wants to start the new year with a bang.

Get your copy here for your best year in sales yet.

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