Drive-Thru Service Game

Learn how to be a “Headset Hero” with this interactive game-based course made in Flow that puts the learner in the hot seat at the drive-thru window.

This conversation-based game encourages learners to make correct customer service choices to earn points while trying to beat the clock. Be warned, the scenarios come quickly and only provide a short time for the user to answer.

Get ready to focus on the three pillars of the Drive-Thru Service Game: Accuracy, Courtesy & Friendliness, and Speed. Find out how users make decisions to sharpen their service skills and come out on top.  

The game starts off with the option to learn about three main responsibilities:

  1. Order taker
  2. Bagger
  3. Runner-charger

The game is clear to explain what each responsibility entails with definitions and images.

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The learner is then invited to select one option to go through the scenario. There's another explanation of what is expected.

The narrator explains a useful acronym:

H - Hear them out

E - Empathize

A - Apologize

T - Take Action

HEAT is used to confront difficult situations for the customer to leave satisfied.

Before each level is played out, the learner is provided a clear overview of the mission, what is required and how long each order should take.

In this first level mission, the learner is expected to:

  • go through a minimum of 1 of 2 completed orders
  • answer no more than two incorrect responses (or one car/order will be eliminated)
  • have a minimum of two correct answers per order
  • complete the order correctly in 3:30 minutes

As the game begins, the learner is presented with a scenario acting as a drive thru employee. The choices are to listen to various requests the guest makes and select the correct response. This example goes over three interactions with the drive thru customer. The leaner is encouraged to be considerate, act quickly and be accurate with choices/reactions.

Instant feedback is given after each choice is made that uses a smile meter pointing to a scared face, a non smiling face, and an excited eyebrow raising smile. Audio and visual feedback ranges from a kindly worded "negative" response to a high energy positive reinforcement statement. The voices are also full of emotion that convey more than the words that are written on the screen, which adds a human element providing context to the overall course. Each correct answer earns 5+ points that are tracked on a Wow board that shows your points, your cars, and tracks where you are in the levels.

Going in order of the overview, the second scenario is from the point of view of the runner instead of the order taker. This situation requires the learner to play each audio, choose a response and receive feedback.

After this scenario is completed that marks the end of level one as indicated on the screen. There are more levels that can be made as per the required lesson.

The game template can be used for any conversation-based requirements such as sales training, interviewing skills, etc., in a variety of domains from hospitality, retail, sales, to healthcare.

Do you have what it takes to be a Headset Hero?