Case Study: Society of Actuaries Cuts Content Review Time by 50%, Development by 25% with dominKnow

SOA Case Study for dominKnow | ONE
January 24, 2023
3 minutes
SOA Case Study for dominKnow | ONE

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) develops, maintains, and distributes an enormous amount of first-rate educational material for 27,000+ members in more than 75 countries.  

Before they came to dominKnow | ONE, they had reached a tipping point where they were struggling to keep all this content up-to-date. They had a mix of pre-qualification courses, continuing education courses, professional development material, and SOA meeting/session recordings that, altogether, added up to more than 400 projects and 10,000 pages of content.

After transitioning all their content to dominKnow | ONE, the SOA found that they could save 25% on development time and 50% on review time.

How did they pull it off?

  • They save development time by repurposing pre-qualification course content as professional development by leveraging dominKnow's smart content reuse features. As a result, they reap more benefits with every update – reused content can be edited once, with changes populating throughout the library.
  • They use dominKnow | ONE’s robust content management capabilities to keep up with frequent changes to various images and documents. A quick search and replace can update the whole course library, and it's easy to track history, versions, and changes to each asset.
  • dominKnow | ONE's cloud-based reviewer tools make it easy for everyone to contribute, from internal staff to volunteers and contractors. Comment threads are integrated with the authoring interface for streamlined revision and resolution. Feedback and edits remain synced, no matter how many time zones and countries they're communicating across.

Beyond managing a large content library and streamlining their review process, dominKnow | ONE helped SOA overcome several other challenges like providing diverse publishing formats and seamless LMS integration. Our extensive xAPI integration has even set them up for developing a future interactive learning platform to serve as a companion for their courses.

Learn more by reading the full case study today!

Does a Cloud-Based Authoring Tool Always Save Time and Trouble?

Recent convents often tell us they're surprised by the cloud-based nature of dominKnow | ONE, since it solves so many problems and inconveniences. dominKnow | ONE can bypass common technical problems, streamline collaboration, safeguard intellectual property, and improve workflow.

However, it's worth pointing out that not all cloud-based tools are created equal. Many people give us a try after another cloud-based tool disappointed them, only to realize that being cloud-based wasn't the problem.

To reap the most benefits, look for a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that:

  • Provides a robust, full-featured authoring experience. In the past, the biggest powerhouses in authoring have been desktop applications, but we've set out to prove that a cloud-based tool can be just as powerful (and our clients agree!)
  • Facilitates real-time and asynchronous collaboration. One of the big benefits of cloud-based applications is how painless they can make co-authoring and review, but many such tools don't bother to develop supporting features the way we have.
  • Helps you make the most of having all content in one place. Having centralized access to all your eLearning content is great for a lot of reasons, but if you choose a tool with efficient content reuse features like ours, you can stretch the value of each development hour to support multimodal learning, audience targeting, spaced repetition, and other beneficial eLearning strategies.
  • Provides visibility to supervisors. A tool with strong administrative controls can give you not just visibility of all content, but also insight into who does what and when. Look for features like the ability to see activity history, manage past versions, and check who's logged into the authoring system right now – all dominKnow | ONE capabilities.
  • Is designed to minimize lag time. Authoring in a cloud-based environment can have real downsides, so you want one that's engineered to minimize potential problems. For example, we minimize traffic and bandwidth requirements by making efficient use of caching and state-based changes. Plus, we use content delivery network CDN support to provide one of the features from the SOA case study – the ability to communicate in real time across multiple time zones.

Interested in giving us a shot? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today or reach out to one of our experts for a demo.

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