Case Study: Stride Finds Flexibility, Efficiency, and Easy Remote Collaboration with dominKnow | ONE 

Stride Case Study with dominKnow
March 1, 2022
5 minutes
Stride Case Study with dominKnow

Stride K-12, which provides online and blended K-12 education, came to dominKnow | ONE with several problems facing their Talent Development & Community (TDC) Team. The team provides training resources for educators, administrators, and parents as they transition to online teaching and learning.  

Stride K-12's TDC Team needed:

  • To transform their training from live face-to-face sessions into interactive eLearning courses,
  • To provide targeted messaging on a common body of content to a diverse adult audience, while limiting duplication of effort,
  • To find a tool that's user-friendly to designers coming from an educational background, not eLearning development, and
  • To support collaboration between a remote team and many stakeholders.

How did dominKnow | ONE help them meet these challenges?

  • Intuitive eLearning authoring tools and inline instructional design tips ease the technical burden for education-based designers.
  • Customized training solutions support the team's ability to provide efficient, effective, and contemporary eLearning design.
  • Learning content management features facilitate content reuse and, therefore, audience targeting.
  • A cloud-based workspace, coauthoring capabilities, and native reviewer workflow facilitate efficient collaboration between all parties.  

Learn how these and other features supported Stride K-12's quest to transform their training materials and find out why they prefer dominKnow | ONE to Articulate products.  

Read the full case study today!

What Makes for the Best eLearning Development Software?

You can look at reviews, press, and awards. But the truth is, the best eLearning development software is the one that fits your goals.  

Stride found its best match with dominKnow | ONE, and many other organizations have, too. With dominKnow | One, you get eLearning development features to tackle your thorniest problems, like:

As Stride K-12 discovered, we built dominKnow | ONE to provide features that organizations really need.

What eLearning Development Tools Do YOU Need?

Everyone's work looks a little different. That's why we have pricing and plans to suit a wide range of teams and needs.

If your team's small and starting out, we'll give you a springboard towards your goals. As you saw with Stride, we have support for remote team collaboration, review wrangling, efficient content reuse, authors that are new to eLearning design, and those that are growing their skills.

At the same time, we also serve the needs of experienced designers, tiered-skill teams, multinational corporations, complex review cycles, and large content libraries.

Curious how we can serve you? Book a free 14-day trial or a live demo with one of our experts! We'll be happy to discuss plans and features that meet your needs and make eLearning content development a bit easier.

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