Pharmaceutical Sales

This sample was created in our Claro authoring option by our partners at Ingenuiti.

Since both our Claro and Flow content options publish as HTML-5 based content, the course can easily be taken by pharmaceutical sales reps in an office on their lap top computers or on their mobile devices as they travel in the field.

The course opens with a custom menu screen that allows the learner to choose which of the three topics they wish to start on by selecting the representative building on the pharmaceutical company’s campus.

The course covers three topic areas:

• Section 1 – Giving Formative Feedback

• Section 2 – Data Confidentiality

• Section 3 – Building Great Conversations

In Claro, the Ingenuity team added hotspots over each building in the menu page image then set up each spot to trigger a page link action, jumping the learner to the start page of the selected section.

As the learner completes a section they are returned to the campus homepage, which is updated to show the sections that have been completed.

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Each section’s topic is covered using real-world examples often set up as conversation-based scenarios to ensure that the content is well-aligned with the real-world work of a pharmaceutical sales rep.

The course also uses dominKnow | ONE’s question page options to present learners with choices to help them be part of the scenarios and receive feedback on the choices they have made.

In addition to providing elearning development services, Ingenuiti is also a provider of translation services, and their team used this example to also show off that specialization.

The course is available in both an English and a Chinese version.

Working with multiple languages is quite simple in dominKnow | ONE, which has two translation workflows to help with either direct translation of a project or with localization and then translation of a project.

For a direct translation such as this course – where the content is identical for the first- and second-language audiences and doesn’t need any content changes – the Ingenuiti team used dominKnow | ONE’s Duplicate and Export for Translation workflow.

This workflow creates a copy of the first-language (master) project, sets it to the desired second language, and automatically exports all author-created text in the project to an Excel or XML translation file containing all the text strings in the master project.

Ingenuiti’s translation experts worked in the exported Excel or XML file to provide replacement Chinese text strings for each English text string.

Once the translation team completed its work, the authoring team simply imported the translation Excel or XML file back into dominKnow | ONE.

This import replaced all the original-language text with the text strings provided in the Excel or XML doc.

dominKnow | ONE supports translation into more than 60 languages – and all text on learner-focused interface elements in a course, like the navigation bars and end screens is already translated for supported languages, so clients never have to translate them.

After the Chinese text was imported, the Ingenuiti team returned to authoring and swapped the English audio files for the Chinese audio. This keeps any events timed to the audio files in place – no need to spend time doing set up work all over again.