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November 16, 2016

dominKnow Releases Content Authoring Platform that Won’t Have You Going in Circles

Las Vegas, Nevada, DevLearn, November 16, 2016 — The dominKnow team will be giving attendees at DevLearn 2016 an in-depth look at the latest version of their multi-award winning content authoring and publishing platform.

“Every time an authoring tool arrives on the scene, or a competitor releases a new version of an existing platform, our approach to content authoring and publishing is further validated,” says dominKnow CEO Luke Hickey. “We’re unique in the space because we understand the value learning content has to an organization. We believe you don’t just build and forget. It’s all about creating and sharing great learning experiences — and then maximizing your content use and content value.”

Single-source, multi-purpose content

With the additions of Flow, Capture, and Convey, the dominKnow Platform fully supports the creation and delivery of single-source, multi-purpose content for both formal and informal learning experiences. Organizations can collaboratively gather, design, create, share, reuse and deliver content that can be used to help learners at multiple times of need, from formal learning through to application on the job — no matter how they need to access it.

Not all responsive tools are created equal

There’s been a rush for authoring tool vendors to get on the responsive band-wagon,” continues Hickey. “We’ve been here a long while and learned early on that it’s not about shifting content to fit screen sizes. Guess what, it’s still about creating great learning experiences.”

“Most authoring tools force users to dumb things down with templated, fill-in-the-blank, or block approaches to responsive content creation. It helps get stuff out the door and satisfy the responsive check-box, but it often doesn’t satisfy the learning need or make it easy for the author to create, update and maintain.” 

dominKnow’s approach to responsive design allows for all the same powerful, rich content development capabilities authors have always enjoyed, while providing an intelligent authoring framework with dynamic themes and components that take care of the underlying presentation details automatically. 

Power in numbers

 Already a strong suit for dominKnow, this latest version of the platform takes collaboration to a whole new level — with naturalized dashboards that drive deeper insight into the authoring and review processes. Learning stakeholders can more easily gather, design, create, review, share, and reuse content across any project. Multiple authors can work on the same content at the same time in a controlled, secure environment, and reviewers can be invited to comment and collaborate at any phase of development with a built-in, frictionless on-device review process. 

Uncompromised authoring

This latest release of the dominKnow Platform continues to flesh out a robust offering of rich templates, stock images and characters, responsive pre-made components, buttons and gauges, built-in actions, and an integrated asset library like no other that authors can extend (and make available for any other project) with their own content as they create it.

“We strive to create a simplified authoring experience that is uncompromised,” says Hickey. “Instructional designers and learning content developers need powerful but easy to use tools to help them make the best learning experience possible.”

Moving forward, not in circles

As the world’s first truly responsive and adaptive authoring tool, content can be created for any type of formal or informal learning using the dominKnow Platform — all from a single source. The platform outputs HTML5 and WCAG AA compliant content and publishes to SCORM, AICC, xAPI and PENS standards, so content is ready for delivery from virtually any location.

“Other vendors seem to be focused on fixing deficiencies in their toolset or maximizing their bottom line, and not on the fundamental issue of creating and then maximizing the return on investment great learning experiences provide,” sums up Hickey. “As a result, their customers end up with a fragmented “platform" of tools that don’t integrate well together, or a dumbed-down authoring experience with half-baked fixes. Ultimately this leaves them in the same place they started, spinning in circles.”

To see the dominKnow Platform in action, visit the dominKnow team on the DevLearn trade show floor in booth 311 or visit

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