dominKnow Completes its Full Knowledge Management Solution by Unveiling its Dynamic Publishing Tool Convey

A graphic of Convey dominKnow | ONE's dynamic publishing service
May 23, 2023
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A graphic of Convey dominKnow | ONE's dynamic publishing service

OTTAWA, May 22, 2023

dominKnow is proud to be officially unveiling Convey, its one-click dynamic publishing service, at the Association for Talent Development International Conference and Expo (ATD ICE) in San Diego this week.

Convey helps dominKnow| ONE users publish content more efficiently to their LMS plus instantly deploy performance support tools like searchable knowledge bases, job aids and more to help employees while they work.

The Convey dynamic publishing service completes the evolution of dominKnow | ONE into a full content creation and knowledge management solution that can power any organization’s learning ecosystem.

“We’re very excited to showcase what Convey can do for everyone looking for productivity gains in their learning and training strategy.  No one else combines our powerful authoring and knowledge management suite with a dynamic publishing platform. It has already saved countless hours and paid for itself many times over for our clients.” – Peter Cizik, dominKnow CEO

With dominKnow | ONE’s complete award-winning content solution, you can:

  • Support formal and informal learning wherever needed in your learning ecosystem
  • Leverage synchronized single-source content to reduce development time, simplify updates and ensure content consistency
  • Create true responsive content with no limitations
  • Easily produce software simulations to deliver as Show Me, Try Me, Guide Me and scored assessments
  • Protect your content with customizable permission controls
  • Safeguard content with versioning and rollbacks
  • Reduce development cycles with integrated reviewing

Convey provides one-click publishing to:

  • Streamline your formal learning publishing and update processes to ensure immediate, up-to-date content in your LMS
  • Power your informal learning with no-IT-needed hosted sites for searchable knowledge bases, job aids, and more

Convey allows customers to instantly publish and deploy searchable knowledge bases, job aids and more so employees and other stakeholders can access knowledge when they need in the flow of work. Create one source of truth that allows for multiple revisions/uploads and is always up to date.  

Gain time and create efficiencies by eliminating the need for an LMS administrator to update each and every course change. Remove content delivery delays for your learners and provide an uninterrupted content schedule. 

About dominKnow 
For more than a decade, dominKnow has been creating eLearning software for small teams and large organizations. Organizations around the world trust dominKnow | ONE's award-winning solution as their source of truth for all learning and knowledge content. The solution is a web-based authoring and content management solution that helps teams collaborate in real-time, share, and re-use content across projects, and easily engage subject matter experts in the review process. 

Combining the award-winning dominKnow | ONE centralized content creation and knowledge management platform with our Convey dynamic publishing service creates a full end-to-end solution to help your organization get training, information and knowledge to your employees, customers, and stakeholders wherever they are, whenever they need it. 

Lidia Le François  
Marketing Manager 
(613)801-5173 x121 

Originally published on EIN Presswire

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