dominKnow Recognized with two Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

dominKnow | ONE wins double gold awards from Brandon Hall Group
December 13, 2022
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dominKnow | ONE wins double gold awards from Brandon Hall Group

We’re so proud that dominKnow | ONE has won two coveted Gold awards in this year’s Brandon Hall Group awards for Excellence. Our wins came in the “Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology" and "Best Advance in Content Management Technology" categories.  

On December 8, 2022, the Brandon Hall Group announced the winners for Excellence in Technology Awards.

“We’re honored to have won for two prestigious categories. We have to thank our clients, for their efforts to work alongside us regarding the entries, and to help us showcase the amazing work they’re producing in dominKnow | ONE,” said dominKnow CEO, Luke Hickey.

Best Advance in Content Management Technology  

The “Best Advance in Content Management Technology” award addressed the object-based approach that client Salience Learning took when it came to learning asset development. This approach set up development and improved continuity across objects within the client’s Capability Academies. Additionally, the entry also included ePerformax and their employee specific SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis solution that resulted in significant time and monies saved.  

Salience Learning Saves Time and Money on Repurposing eLearning Content
Salience Learning built personalized learning academies that supported several Capability Academies and targeted specific learning support needs. Salience Learning satisfied client needs and use objects that supported a learning objective or performance outcome of that solution, alongside any additional learning assets. Objects that require job-function specific context were easier to create and faster to edit, reducing the need to edit content line-by-line.   

But the impact wasn’t limited to object use. dominKnow’s centralized and secure platform made it possible for Salience Learning to completely leverage their valuable intellectual property — making it easy to re-use and repurpose content.  

“I could not imagine if we had to do version control from desktop development tools and set up a file management system!”  - Amy Parent, Director of Learning Ecosystem and Platform Strategy, Salience Learning 

Creating, updating, and managing content is one thing, but it doesn’t amount to much without easy, unhindered access. dominKnow | ONE outputs HTML5 content and publishes to SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and PENS standards, which means Salience Learning’s content is ready for delivery to virtually any location — the web, the desktop, mobile apps, or in document formats.  

And users of Salience Learning’s content benefit from the ability to easily search the entire library of Salience Learning’s courses (including media elements) to easily find the content they need when they need it.  

ePerformax Calculates 87% ROI on eLearning Project
used dominKnow | ONE to solve a need for an employee personal development program. ePerformax created a personal SWOT course for their employees, to help their personal development, drive, and in turn this course helps management initiatives.  

Since the course was fully responsive and made in dominKnow | ONE’s Flow authoring option, ePerformax were also able to make to course easily accessible anywhere and anytime and allowing data to be captured faster. 

Benefits ePerformax experienced using dominKnow | ONE: 

  • Multi-purpose content creation and reuse of assets
  • Real-time collaboration between the Reviewer/Review at all phases of development (authors, reviewers, and all other stakeholders)
  • Simple-to-use and understand authoring tools
  • Standards-based approach to ensure the value of an organization’s content well into the future 
  • Ability to send xAPI statements without the need to manually code
  • Responsiveness of Flow especially when using the basic/default interactions of dominKnow | ONE without having to create any customizations 
  • Adding/saving favorite sections because it helps copy/duplicate a section both in Flow and Claro 
  • Library feature because to store assets for future developments

As a result, ePerformax was able to calculate an 87% ROI when factoring time saved and the actual dollar amount spent for the project.  

Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology

The Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology entry focused on an online knowledge-based training course which resulted in shared knowledge being accessible to internal teams. In turn, the Medical Solution’s Learning & Development teams were able to get resources to learners 30% quicker.  

Also, this entry explained how scuba-based business, PADI, was able to create a knowledge-based learning course in 28 languages that saved 1-hour of onsite time per customer, which over time was a considerable time savings.

Medical Solutions Delivers 30% Quicker on eLearning and Development
Medical Solutions
required an accurate understanding of the integration between three different systems that must remain in constant communication. However, visible information must be limited due to health acts. As a result, Medical Solutions’ contract staff (called Travelers) had no access to external facing systems, making it difficult to relay information. 

Through dominKnow | ONE, Medical Solutions created a Knowledge Base that included all supporting material supporting two external systems and an internal system Portal Document Interface.

dominKnow | ONE not only alleviated the lack of visibility into systems, but also streamlined the content authoring processes. What used to be 18 separate documents was condensed into one web URL which reflected immediate updates as the systems changed or received enhancement requests. 

The simplicity of design in an adjustable responsive format for any device resulted in: 

  • Getting resources to learners 30% quicker 
  • Real time updates as systems change with ability to implement immediate updates to content with one-click republish 
  • Increased partnership across marketing, sales, and training for external communication to 22,000+ external contract employees   

As a result of the shared knowledge, internal teams are better able to assist external resulting in an increase in organization wide Net Promoter Scores to an increased Customer Satisfaction to 75 (up from 65 year prior). For reference, a score of 60 or higher is generally a very good NPS in any industry, thus making this increase significant. 

PADI Achieves Success with Knowledge-Based Training Online
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) the world’s largest ocean exploration and diver organization, operates in 186 countries and territories, with a global network of more than 6,600 dive centers and resorts and over 128,000 professional members worldwide. 

PADI needed to transition their PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) knowledge-based training online. 

How did dominKnow | ONE solve the problem? 

  • A mobile friendly responsive design (meeting the need to deliver on any device)
  • Visual enhancements with the use of GIFs, videos, diagrams, and Images
  • Interactive elements such as accordion, Carousel, tab, and Quiz/Exercise elements
  • A blended-learning experience designed to engage all types of learning styles 
  • Knowledge-based learning in 28 languages (through translation export/import capability)
  • Simplified Subject Matter Expert (SME) content review (using built-in review tool capabilities) 
  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) eLearning courses

PADI was able to achieve their goal, save time, and provide a seamless education experience to their team.

Discover What You Can Do with DominKnow | ONE

When it comes to solving problems, dominKnow | ONE can provide a variety of solutions:

  1. Managing teams and large amounts of content across distributed locations and languages.
  2. Completing training projects in a timely manner.
  3. Managing multiple content outputs efficiently and reducing repetition.  
  4. Developing responsive content that isn't restricted to a basic templated design.  
  5. Creating more valuable content by understanding learner engagement and creating content for different points of need.  
  6. Creating accessible content that meets all learners' needs.  
  7. Having to understand and use multiple platforms for different content types.  
  8. Authoring and distributing content efficiently.  
  9. Manage learning at scale.      

With all these features, success stories, and examples of what can be done with dominKnow | ONE, what’s stopping you from trying it out for yourself?  

Join the ever-growing list of companies discovering dominKnow | ONE where you can author content, collaborate, and manage any content with one eLearning cloud-based tool.  

Start your free 14-day trial or reach out to our experts for a personalized demo today.

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