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September 02, 2014

EI Design Announces Partnership with dominKnow

“Since the inception of EI Design, our philosophy has been to focus on creating learning designs that are distinctive and truly engage the learner,” says EI Design founder, Asha Pandey. “Learner-centricity of our designs has enabled us to craft immersive learning solutions irrespective of the authoring tools or changing technology.”

However, this does not mean that EI Design is not aware of new technology. “We have a strong focus on innovation and exploration,” explains Asha. “This initiative is headed by me and I have a core team that works directly with me in this significant endeavor. This team is continuously involved in the evaluation of emerging tools and technologies, the evaluation of learner needs and expectations and determining how these pointers can be practically used to enhance learning experiences. As a significant outcome of this exercise, we have identified a leading authoring tool named Claro from dominKnow to be a tool of choice for EI Design. Claro is a very powerful tool that provides unique collaborative mLearning and eLearning creation capabilities.”

For more than a decade, dominKnow has been creating eLearning and mLearning software for corporations of all sizes. Among the top 20 authoring tool providers in the industry, dominKnow’s award-winning products include Claro, Flow and dominKnow Mobile Player. Their extensive client list includes major worldwide software and services organisations, retail sales, pharmaceutical companies, national and local government agencies and many more.

Claro is a web-based tool that allows users to collaborate on development while sharing and reusing resources. It is suitable for both small and large teams with powerful built-in tools for fast content development. Claro is cloud-based, so users always get the most up-to-date version. Other features include multi-lingual support, hundreds of templates, animations and a theme designer. Its ease of use and tremendous support reputation is a strong satisfier among the product’s many users.

“Claro has redefined cloud-based learning platforms.” says Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group.

"Claro is a game changer... it combines three elements that shift the goal posts against other authoring software; simplicity, online access, and collaboration," agrees Brian Clark of DOTS Talent Solutions.
EI Design couldn’t be happier on this strategic collaboration with dominKnow. “Through this collaboration, we see leveraging the strengths of Claro with our expertise of creating innovative learning solutions,” concludes Asha. “The needs of the learners are constantly changing, as are the tools available to instructional designers. Through collaborations and tools, such as Claro, we remain at the forefront of creating relevant, leading and cost-effective learning tools that provide a high return on investment. We continue push our mandate to energise learning.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with EI Design. They produce learning content that is engaging and thoughtful — qualities that are essential for the modern learner,” says dominKnow’s SVP of Business Development Paul Schneider, Ph.D. “While EI Design will be leveraging Claro to streamline their development process, we in turn will be leveraging EI Design to offer additional content development services to our customers."

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