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June 28, 2006

Galbraith Media Relaunches as dominKnow

JUNE 28, 2006 – Galbraith Media Inc., creators of online Learning Content Management System (LCMS) software and e-learning courseware, has announced it is relaunching the company as dominKnow Inc. with a new name, brand image and product. Following a 50 percent increase in employees over the past six months, the relaunch focuses on dominKnow’s mission to enable organizations to leverage domain knowledge for strategic competitive advantage. dominKnow’s 30-employee team is aiming software and related courseware development services both at the learning software system reseller market and e-learning organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. 79 enterprise customers use the dominKnow LCMS, including Shell Canada Ltd., Quality Food Training (QFT UK) Ltd., ADGA Group and GeoLearning Inc.The company’s new flagship product is dominKnow LCMS 5.0, a significant upgrade from Galbraith Media’s LCMS 4.5. dominKnow LCMS 5.0 allows e-learning courseware to be developed in the most efficient way possible – from setting learning objectives, to content authoring and gathering, to instructional design, to multimedia creation, to the final deployment and administration of a course. Compared to traditional classroom learning, dominKnow customers claim dollar-cost efficiencies of 80 percent or more. “dominKnow is such a natural choice for the company’s new name since it not only references the words “domain knowledge”, it also refers the kinetic “domino effect” caused when e-learning benefits an organization,” says dominKnow CEO Bill Beacham. “While our company was founded as an R&D organization in 1997, this relaunch signals our move into aggressive sales and marketing development. dominKnow LCMS 5.0 is a world-beating software product and we intend to build out our market share over the coming year.”Organizations with no previous e-learning system investments can author courses with dominKnow LCMS 5.0’s new authoring tool, or accept courseware content created in generic PC authoring tools like PowerPoint, Word, HTML, Dreamweaver, PDF and others. dominKnow LCMS 5.0 also works with GeoLearning, Docent, SumTotal, Saba or any other Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that meet the AICC (The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) Level 1 and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) industry standards.dominKnow was built to leverage Reusable Learning Object (RLO) technology – offering maximum productivity and efficiency through content re-use and easy access to existing information and knowledge. dominKnow LCMS 5.0 tracks learners’ progress, and shares this progress with both instructors and learners alike.Product AvailabilitydominKnow LCMS 5.0 is scaleable to meet the needs of any organization and can be deployed as either an ASP hosted solution or on a server behind a client’s firewall. It is AICC and SCORM compliant and has a proven track record of successful interoperation with all major Learning Management Systems (LMSs), including systems offered by GeoLearning, SumTotal and SABA. The LCMS’s student environment is compliant with accessibility standards such as Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

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