IDIODC 2021-22 Season Five: Our Top 10 Episodes!

August 17, 2022
6 minutes
IDIODC 2021-22 Season Five: Our Top 10 Episodes!

Season five is now in the history books! And what an historic season it was. The 2021-22 season of Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (IDIODC) had 41 fantastic episodes filled with community learning, sharing, laughter, and of course coffee and dancing to a NEW theme song.

That’s a lot of episodes making it difficult to find the Top 10. But we did it anyway.

Each episode speaks to a unique segment of the instructional design community. If there is one thing we’ve all learned meeting so many L&D professionals, it’s that everyone entered the ID world with a unique perspective and skill set. This is the power and strength of the ID community, and why we are proud to support it... and YOU!

#1 Improving eLearning with Better Multiple-Choice Questions with Patti Shank

Patti Shank on IDIODC podcast

Patti Shank is a gem in this industry. Few people enjoy combing through hundreds of pages of research to find out the science behind our work in L&D. She not only enjoys doing it, but she is also an expert at sharing the complex, scientific findings she uncovers.  

In this episode she discusses the outcomes of her research in Writing Better Multiple-choice Questions. If ever there was a practical guide walking you through the process of writing assessment questions, this is it. She shares many of her most important findings with us in the episode.

#2 Post Pandemic Virtual and Hybrid Learning: What's Really Working? with Jo Cook

Jo Cook on IDIODC podcast

The 2019-20 season was filled with tips on transitioning to virtual training because of the global lockdowns. By 2022 everyone had experienced more than 50 gazillion Zoom sessions (not an exact stat). I think we can all agree a vast majority of them were not good. But some were great!

Jo Cook shared her findings from a survey she conducted to find out what worked and what failed during this major global transition. This is information that will stand the test of time, and we’re grateful to Jo for sharing the findings with the IDIODC community.  

#3 How eLearning Escape Rooms Boost Engagement with Alexander Salas

Alexander Salas on IDIODC podcast

Escape rooms are a great game mechanic for engaging your learners. It’s one of the freshest ideas in learning and not hard to design or implement. While other new technologies, methods, and models, like VR/AR can be complicated and expensive, Escape Rooms are an interesting approach for certain learning solutions.

Alexandar Salas joined us to talk about what escape rooms are and are not. He shared instructional design ideas and offered a template for the community. If you need a fresh idea to engage your audience, then this episode is for you.

#4 Making Meaningful Learning Solutions with Clark Quinn

Clark Quinn on IDIODC podcast

Clark Quinn is one of the legends of L&D universe. He’s written many books across a broad range of topics directed at instructional designers. He joined us to discuss his latest book “Make It Meaningful: Taking Learning Design from Instructional to Transformational.”

#5 Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement with Karl Kapp

Karl Kap on IDIODC podcast

Another legend of L&D is Dr. Karl Kapp. He is a creator of professionals and has instructed and graduated some of the most successful instructional designers in the industry from Bloomsburg University. His hands-on approach with students and engaging them with real businesses gives him unique insight into the problems corporations need L&D to solve.  

In this episode he shared his experiences and examples of games and design techniques that work best and can be easily implemented. You may know Karl from his LinkedIn Learning series, but he’s a lot more fun when you watch him hang out with us on IDIODC.  

#6 Instructional Video Production Processes that Increase Your Learning Content Output with Josh Cavalier

Josh Cavalier on IDIODC podcast

The details of the work we do is often not sexy, or fun. But knowing how to get the work done is critical. In this episode Josh Cavalier shares his video production process for not only creating effective instructional video but creating a larger quantity of content output ... faster.

The L&D industry loves to pontificate about learning theories and the science of learning. But the reality is that there is a lot of work to be done and discovering processes that make you more productive will separate you from others in your career. File this one under “Must Watch and Apply”.

#7 Using Storytelling, Gamification, and Measuring Results for Success with Jeanne Bakker

Jeanne Bakker on IDIODC podcast

I don’t remember how we found Jeanne Bakker, but I’m glad we did. If you need to laugh and learn how to enjoy your job in corporate training again, then this is medicine for your soul. And not only that but you’ll learn some fantastic techniques, methods, and models for creating training and measuring its success. We can’t ask much more than that from our guests.

The gold nugget in this episode is understanding that FUN can not only work, but it can be incredibly effective. Despite the stigma of games and fun not being appropriate for work, Jeanne is one of those rare personalities with the talent, skills, and tenacity to change the minds of executives and others who doubt their use. Watch, learn, and laugh with us in this episode.

#8 Freelancing: 5 Tips for IDs Planning their Corporate Exit Strategy with Cara North

Cara North on IDIODC podcast

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Just as our economy and markets began to slow down and companies began to lay off workers, Cara North decided to help those in the L&D figure out their strategy for making a corporate exit into the world of freelance work.

Cara was our very first guest way “back in the day” (inside joke for Cara). In this episode she shares some great tips for anyone looking to either rebound for a layoff, or strategy planning an exit strategy from their day job. All the tips still apply whether you currently have a job or not, or are just new to the industry. Check it out and learn what you’ve been missing.

#9 How to Create Your L&D Measurement, Analytics and Reporting Strategy with David Vance

David Vance on IDIODC podcast

Eww yuck. Data.No fun. But it’s critical to your success so why not make it fun. David Vance joined us to talk about measuring L&D output, analytics and reporting. And he’s the perfect man for the job because he’s one of those unique L&D professionals that does not come from the instructional design world.  

This episode is your chance to listen to an executive talk about L&D from the perspective of what the C suite wants from their L&D teams. If you want a “seat at the table” you better be able to speak the language of those gathered around that table. David will open your eyes to many things, and likely change your mind on many of those things.

#10 Apps, Gadgets and Tech to Create, Collaborate and Elevate with Nick Floro

Nick Floro on IDIODC

Every season we ask Nick Floro to join us and introduce IDIODC to as many new technologies and apps as he can squeeze into 45mins. We’ve talked about hardware and software over the years. Everything from the latest microphones and lighting kits to creative and productive mobile apps.

You’re sure to discover something new that will improve your instructional design work and processes. If not, then just wait for the next season. He’ll be back with more.  

BONUS 11th episode:  

Drink'n'Draw: Storyboarding Skills and DevLearn Recap with Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn on IDIODC podcast

Kevin Thorn is an IDIODC favorite. There’s always something new to learn from Kevin and so since he’s an amazing creative thinker and illustrator we’ve branded his sessions as Drink’n’Draw. We don’t always talk specifically about drawing, but you can be assured of learning something creative from each episode.  

In this episode, Kevin focused on sharing his Storyboarding process and why he often advises his students to start with pen and paper instead of jumping prematurely into your favorite software of choice. Everyone needs to understand storyboarding to be an effective instructional designer, so use this as a professional development hour.

The End of Season Brings the Joys of Anticipating the Next One

Chris and I would like to thank all our guests, and YOU, the IDIODC chatroom, for making every Wednesday morning special and filled with learning and laughter.

We kick off season 6 September 7th with our 200th episode. We’d love to see as many of you in the chat as possible so we can share stories and read your favorite moments/memories from the past 199 episodes over five years.  

During our August break, be sure to take a moment and do the following if you have not done so already:

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  1. Be awesome!

Be safe on your summer vacations and we look forward to seeing you in September.

PPpssstttt! If you’d like a sneak peek into the upcoming season, we have you covered.


For extra credit, here’s what’s coming up in the next three episodes:

1.  Drink'n'Draw: Creating Visual Languages for More Effective Training with Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn on IDIODC podcast Effective Training

2. What You Need to Know about Nudge-Learning with Amy Parent

Amy Parent on IDIODC podcast

3. How to Storyboard for eLearning with Tim Slade

Tim Slade on IDIODC podcast

Stay up to date by checking out the IDIODC home page and our Crowdcast channel!

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