Freelancing: 5 Tips for IDs Planning their Corporate Exit Strategy

July 6, 2022
4 minuutes
Cara North joined Instruction Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee #IDIODC.

The corporate 9 to 5 isn't for everyone, and never has been.  In a post-pandemic world nobody is even really sure what "work" looks like any more. Are you going back into the office?  Maybe, you're in the office for half the week and working from home the other half. Or maybe not. It's been a frustrating experience for many, and a liberating experience for others.

Why liberating? Well, some IDs used their "pandemic time" to work on making their dream of freelancing become a reality. And you can too. It's never too late. But before you up and quit your corporate gig, you might want to think this through a little more deeply. You should at least start by freelancing on the side. Doing that can open all kinds of possibilities and prepare you for what's in store.

Cara North joined us and helped everyone figure out their future in freelance. It's a road traveled by many, but few are truly successful. Cara has 5 Tips that will get you started on the right path, with the right mindset, before you take the leap.

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About Cara North

Since 2017, led by Cara North, The Learning Camel has provided support to a wide variety of clients who all had one thing in common: their learning and development products needed a shake up. Cara North is a name many learning and development professionals trust from her unfiltered take on many of the industry's trends to her willingness to support and mentor the next generation of learning and development professionals. She is a practitioner who has a blend of corporate, higher education, and consulting experience that applies the best of all three to craft learning experiences to help you meet your workplace development goals. A well-respected learning leader, Cara believes in the power of paying it forward in her willingness to help those who are looking for their next learning and development role or looking to transition into learning leadership. Cara has given more than 100 conference presentations since 2015 in three different countries with the hope of sharing her expertise to help others, and even better when she can also learn from them.


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