Using email as a course delivery tool with Sarah Mercier

Using email as a course delivery tool with Sarah Mercier
February 12, 2021
5 minutes
Using email as a course delivery tool with Sarah Mercier

Organizations often treat learning as an event rather than a process.  

As an industry we know that eLearning, videos, and instructor-led training are only the beginning. To be effective, we need ways to support our workforce over time, building competence through multiple approaches.

In this episode of IDIODC, Sarah Mercier joined us to discuss a budget-friendly trend used in digital marketing that can be easily applied to workplace learning: email for continual learning and support.  

Sarah shared some pro tips for designing email courses and shared a variety of real-use cases. We explored how email can be used effectively for spaced learning and performance support.

And with our always-active chat community we explored the many possibilities of email as a learning experience platform, including practical ways to implement this approach in your own organization.

Here's a few topics we covered:

  • Practical application of email courses in workplace learning
  • Examples of effective email courses
  • Best practices in design of email courses
  • Common pitfalls of using email to support learning and performance

To see all the comments from the chat, check out the full session right here.  

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About Sarah Mercier

Sarah Mercier, CEO at Learning Ninjas, specializes in innovative learning technology and strategic implementation of learning solutions. Sarah is the founder of meLearning Solutions and a national facilitator for the Association for Talent Development’s Master E-Learning Instructional Designer. Her innovative learning solutions have been recognized by winning industry awards, such as Best of Show at FocusOn Learning DemoFest for xAPI for Interactive eBooks, and Best Performance Support Solution at DevLearn DemoFest for Critical Success Factors training and assessment tool.  

Sarah is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and business events in the areas of instructional strategy, learning technology strategy, and learning solution design and development. Her work has been published in ATD’s 2020 Trends in Learning Technology, The Book of Road-Tested Activities, TD Magazine, Learning Solutions Magazine, CLO Magazine, and a variety of other training and workforce publications. Connect with her via Twitter @sarahmerci.


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