EnABLE the 5 Moments of Need with Conrad Gottfredson

On June 1, Dr. Conrad Gottfredson joined #IDIODC.
June 1, 2022
3 minutes
On June 1, Dr. Conrad Gottfredson joined #IDIODC.

In this episode of IDIODC we have the pleasure of talking with the founder of the 5 Moments of Need, Dr. Conrad Gottfredson.

Dr. Gottfredson recently released a white paper titled EnABLE: The 5 Moments of Need Instructional Systems Design Methodology. And if you missed it, or have not downloaded it, I would encourage you to do so.

The brief white paper introduction describes it best:

"When it comes to instructional design, most corporate learning programs still focus on knowledge rather than performance. Although gaining and retaining knowledge is an appropriate primary focus in academic institutions, the real world of work calls for a performance first approach to Instructional Systems Design (ISD) where knowledge requirements are driven by what people need to do. With that in mind, we have spent the last four decades evolving traditional ISD practices into a performance-based instructional design methodology that we call EnABLE.

EnABLE is the 5 Moments of Need instructional systems design methodology that empowers L&D groups to be the strategic partners their organizations require to adapt, to learn, and to perform ahead of change."

If you’re new to the 5 Moments of Need then prepare to have your instructional design world challenged in this conversation with Dr. Conrad Gottfredson.

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About Conrad Gottfredson

Dr. Conrad Gottfredson is a founding partner, and the Chief Learning Strategist, at APPLY Synergies, a 5 Moments of Need company that specializes in helping learning professionals design, develop, maintain, and measure effective learning and performance support through The 5 Moments of Need® design methodology.

Con has deep experience helping organizations optimize their entire learning ecosystem. He helps companies identify and implement The 5 Moments of Need Solutions along with the methodology, technology, and organizational support infrastructure they need to be able to design, build, implement, optimize and evaluate those solutions. He has designed, developed, and managed many hundreds of learning and performance solutions addressing the complete scope of delivery systems, strategies, audiences, and settings. These settings have ranged from small to large international corporations, governmental agencies, universities, and religious organizations.

Con has also worked with Learning and Development teams to establish collaborative instructional development and maintenance processes to eliminate wasteful redundancies and focus on specialized skills and knowledge. These collaborative development models have provided significant cost benefits in environments of constrained resources and overwhelming development requirements.  

He is the co-author of: Innovative Performance Support: Tools and Strategies for Learning in the Workflow and a contributing author to Timothy Clark’s book: The Employee Engagement Mindset: The Six Drivers for Tapping into the Hidden Potential of Everyone in Your Company. He has developed and presented public seminars to many thousands of participants both nationally and internationally.


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