Stages of Car Seats

A handy guide for parents built in Flow using the Tutorial Theme

This job aid for busy parents gives them quick access to just the information they need, when they need it.

Built in Flow so it works great on any screen or device, it also uses dominKnow | ONE’s Tutorial Theme.

The Tutorial Theme – easily branded for your organization’s look and feel – automatically builds a menu page giving leaners quick access to choose just the lessons they need. The Tutorial Theme also automatically calculates and displays a “read time” for each lesson.  Plus, it tracks the learner’s completion of each lesson no matter what order the lessons are viewed in.

The Tutorial Theme can be a great option for SCORM-based elearning courses or for web-published job aids or performance support content to be hosted outside your LMS.

Stages of Car Seats screenshots
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This sample is available as a template in dominKnow | ONE.
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