Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company Sees 8 Years of Gains Using dominKnow | ONE eLearning

Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company with dominKnow
June 6, 2022
5 minutes
Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company with dominKnow

One of the world's largest biopharmaceutical companies came to dominKnow | ONE after deciding to centralize and standardize all training efforts for sales teams around the globe.

They had already consolidated their regional training development teams into a single entity, known as Global Training Operations (GTO). Now they were looking for the best eLearning development tool to support their goals for leveraging their economy of scale.

This pharmaceutical company needed to:

  • Retain control of training assets while facilitating access and collaboration between international offices,
  • Eliminate duplication of effort while supporting localization of content in 58 countries,
  • Find a tool that facilitated the translation of materials into all 45 required languages, including some that are rarely supported, and
  • Continue refining their process for increasing efficiency.

How has dominKnow | ONE helped them meet these challenges?

  • Cloud-based software and collaborative features allow for international collaboration and access, as well as straight forward element-specific communication across time zones.
  • Strong administrative feature sand role-based permissions secure the storage of training materials and provide central control of read/write access.
  • Learning content management system (LCMS) features facilitate global content reuse and efficient localization.
  • Translation workflow and exceptional breadth of pre-loaded languages support widespread and "niche" languages alike.
  • Tiered user roles with adaptable workspaces facilitate a workflow for maximum efficiency: developers fully leverage sophisticated authoring technology while SMEs all over the world contribute knowledge and localize content.
  • The partnership mentality of dominKnow's support team leads directly to significant productivity gains.

Learn how these and other features resulted in 8 straight years of efficiency gains for this pharma giant by reading the full case study today!

Why Use Cloud-based eLearning Authoring Software?

As our biopharmaceutical client discovered, cloud-based eLearning development tools help organizations overcome multiple challenges.

These include:

  • IP Security. Cloud storage secures your intellectual property from all kinds of threats, from hardware mishaps to accidental deletion and intentional theft. Your backups have backups, without any extra effort from you.
  • Continuity of Access. Multiple offices? International travel? WFH benefits? Global pandemic? None of these are obstacles when your authoring software is cloud-based. You can access your work anywhere, anytime, and see the latest contributions and updates without wrestling with a software license. All you need is a log-in for instant and secure access.
  • Collaboration, Near and Far. Not all cloud-based software comes with outstanding collaborative tools, but when you put the two together, the results are spectacular. dominKnow | ONE supports page- and element-specific comment threads, simultaneous co-authoring on a single project, a streamlined review process, and more. You won't need third-party tools or plug-ins, and your process will remain consistent, whether your team is just over the cubicle wall or halfway around the world.
  • Better Oversight. With dominKnow | ONE's strong administrative and reporting capabilities, it's easy to keep track of who's done what and how far the project's progressed. Someone makes a huge mistake? Version control has you covered. Features like publishing checklists and development cycle tracking help you ensure that nobody skips important steps.

Not all cloud-based tools provide equal benefits. dominKnow | ONE prides itself on providing features that organizations really need.

Check it out, yourself. Book a free 14-day trial or a live demo with one of our experts!

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