Easily Manage Your eLearning Translation & Localization

Simplify the process of translating and localizing your eLearning.

Demo comes with FREE 14-day trial and no software to install.

Course translation made simple

dominKnow simplifies the process of translating courses with 3 easy steps.

Duplicate Course
Clone any course and choose from over 50 pre-loaded languages that automatically updates system text and course interface for things like tool tips and navigation.

Export for Translation
Export text as an XML or Excel file and export all textual content.  Files are proven to work with common translation systems and support right-to-left languages.

Import Translated Text
Import translated course file back into dominKnow.

eLearning Collaboration and Review

Streamline and manage your localized courses

Save time throughout the translation process and make future updates a breeze.

eLearning Course Translation

Translate with context
Translators can link directly to original content to understand context.

Quickly compare versions
Preview the parent course while working in the translated version.

Visibility for translated courses
See all versions of a translated course from the parent course using “course insights”.

Easily update
Your content remains linked to the parent course for simple updates across all versions.

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