Soft Skills Training

Improve your organisation's culture and leadership throughout

Whether you’re selling software, manufacturing products, or providing consulting services, soft skills are the glue that brings your organization together.

Standalone or blended

Create leadership, communication, and management training that can be used stand-alone or as part of a blended program with instructor-led sessions or one-on-one employee evaluation and coaching.

Skills training and practice

Micro-learning strategies can provide quick lessons on key skills and policies and provide quick practice exercises. Or create highly realistic, scenario-based learning with embedded video elements.

Job aids and decision tools

Support learning in the real world with easily-accessed job aids and decision-making tools to help your learners move from training to applying these most-valuable skills.

On any device

Since all the content you make is HTML5-compliant, your training can be easily accessed from any screen, so taking a course can be easily worked into any available time.

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