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With more than 20 years in the business and our learner-centric approach to authoring software for content development, dominKnow is distinctively unique across the learning space. ​

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Innovating in the eLearning space since 1997, dominKnow provides cloud-based collaborative authoring software for learning content development and management. We provide the foundation for organizations developing training and support content. ​​
And dominKnow | ONE gives you even more ways to make content than Kenexa Evolution LCMS, content as robust as any made by a desktop authoring tool and in many cases, even better.

Over the years, unlike many of our competitors, we’ve always striven to move forward with new technologies and actively embrace change, but still remaining true to our core principles and design and delivering on the LCMS promise.

As a global provider design and development company specializing in eLearning, it makes perfect sense that Harbinger Group would partner with dominKnow. In fact, the partnership between Harbinger and dominKnow has been going strong since 2012.​

Harbinger Group has over 30 years of experience in delivering innovative learning solutions for various verticals like publishing, life sciences, BFSI, retail, and high-tech.​

Together, dominKnow and Harbinger offer a unique product in the dominKnow marketplace – SimpliCreate. Now, time stressed content authors can complete a project within hours, not days. SimpliCreate is a collection of pre-made templates that are professionally made by content experts at Harbinger. These templates are already customized to meet accessibility standards and perfect to meet the challenging needs of instructional designers. Be on the lookout for more templates added to the SimpliCreate collection.

Want to stress even less? ​

Harbinger, are dominKnow | ONE experts who can make custom projects for you. ​Contact Harbinger and get what you need professionally crafted in dominKnow | ONE. ​
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