Compliance Training

Improve employee performance, reduce organizational risk

Every organization needs to provide compliance training to employees to meet regulatory requirements. With the dominKnow Platform you can move from simply providing once-and-done courses to creating a wide range of learning experiences that can help you truly change employee behavior and reduce organizational risk.

Memorable and Impactful

Use audio and video files to provide real-world context and examples to create meaningful, memorable and impactful learning.


Create shorter, message-focussed learning opportunities that cover a topic in a few minutes, and deliver these throughout the year to continuously promote the critical importance of meeting regulatory and legal standards.

Searchable FAQs

Develop online, searchable Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) or knowledge bases that can track what employees ask the most to help identify areas for further learning focus.

On any device

And do this all through laptop and desktop computers as well as mobile devices, so compliance training is easy to incorporate into an employee’s daily workflow.

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