Finance | Bulletproof Your Regulatory Practices

Bulletproof Your Regulatory Practices

Worried about your content regulatory practices? What about compliance risks? Are you able to update on a dime?

If any of these issues sound familiar find out how two dominKnow financial client teams, including Truist, clamped down on risk and saved money with dominKnow | ONE and our Convey Dynamic Publishing service.

Fill out the form to find out how our guests, Wayne Conley (Truist) SVP, Learning Media Specialist Manager, Richard At Lee (Truist) Senior Vice President and Leslie Ropelato (Financial Institution) explored actual use cases that you can apply immediately.

Here’s what we discussed:

- How a single-source content approach can avoid compliance risks

- How to instantly deliver content to your users in the flow of work and reduce liabilities

- How to reduce bottlenecks and get your content into your LMS more efficiently saving time

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