Financial Services Case Study

Increased flexibility in content component management
Enhanced WCAG AA compliance
Cloud-based single-source publishing

The Problems

Before implementing dominKnow | ONE for content authoring and our Convey dynamic content delivery service, the customer faced multiple hurdles:

  • Compliance content was being created separately for formal learning such as eLearning courses and for informal learning such as job aids. This led to inconsistent information being shared about compliance policies, putting the company at potential risk. It also created redundant content authoring processes, effectively doubling the client’s content development costs.
  • The company is legally required to ensure that content meets WCAG standards for accessibility, or it could face financial penalties. This requirement couldn’t be consistently met by existing tools.
  • Content access needed to be as frictionless as possible, able to be used on a wide range of devices and screens to eliminate any barriers that might prevent users learning about these compliance regulations.
  • Uploading and updating SCORM packages in the LCMS required QA processes for every content change, requiring multiple hours of effort from multiple team members. This process also put barriers in the way of getting mission-critical information to users, resulting in company risk.


To achieve the client’s goals, they required a tool that was flexible enough to satisfy formal and informal learners’ needs through a single content creation and knowledge management solution.

They found that tool in the full domin Know | ONE knowledge management solution:

  • The dominKnow | ONE authoring component for centralized, single-source content creation and management.
  • Convey for dynamic publishing of content.

Content Creation and Management

Using the dominKnow | ONE responsive authoring option Flow, the client is now able to create content that can display perfectly on any device, from smartphones through to large computer monitors.

The dominKnow | ONE accessibility features help the client ensure that every piece of content is fully accessible and meets the WCAG 2.0 standard.

The client team also team uses a modular content design approach to ensure that portions of their formal learning can also serve as stand-alone content for informal learning such as job aids, using dominKnow | ONE’s synchronized single source content approach. Content shared in multiple lessons or learning resources is kept up to date all at once – changing the content in one use automatically updates in all other uses.

An example are policy descriptions that are used as content pages within a course but also published as stand-alone job aids.

This means the client team can now ensure that all content is providing the exact same, consistent and accurate information no matter where or when a learner or user encounters it.

Content Delivery to all Learning Audiences

The Convey dynamic publishing and hosting service enables the Customer to provide content to its end users as both formal learning in its LMS and as informal, stand-alone job aids.

With Convey, the customer does not need to upload new SCORM packages into the LMS for updates, saving 20 person-hours of QA for every content update. If the client produces 120 courses per year and updates them five times per year, the time savings equal more than a full-time staff position.

The Customer team also publishes its informal learning content to Convey to create an instant website. The automatically-generated URL can then be posted any place it is needed, without requiring any support or time from the client’s IT team.

For the customer team, this means they can support the owners of various compliance policies in very creative ways:

  • The policy owners can add the job aid links to their email signatures.
  • They can share the links instantly when people have questions.
  • The job aids can also be embedded within the tools and locations where users perform tasks, available right while they work.

The Results

Using the full dominKnow | ONE content creation and knowledge management solution the client was able to:

  • Eliminate separate, redundant content authoring costs for formal learning and informal learning needs, while simultaneously ensuring that all compliance content is always accurate and consistent and instantly up to date immediately as the learner needs it.
  • Reduce the organization’s exposure to the legal and financial risks associated with content that does not meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements.
  • Eliminate barriers to content access that might put compliance at risk by ensuring content can be accessed immediately when needed on any device at hand to increase employees.
  • Saved more than $100,000 per year in staff costs resulting from authoring and QA efficiencies.

Powering Your Learning Ecosystem

We designed dominKnow | ONE from the ground up to be an organization’s ONE source for all its digital learning content, whether that content is used as eLearning courses for the LMS, or as informal on-the job learning supports like searchable knowledge bases and job aids.

dominKnow | ONE’s knowledge management approach is based on a single-sourcing model that helps organizations create content once and re-use it to help learners in multiple ways.

What does this mean? It means authors can:

  • Create courses for your LMS | Create a set of SCORM courses for the LMS to onboard new employees or upskill/reskill existing employees.
  • Create a searchable knowledgebase | With just a few minutes of additional work, share and publish all task, process and similar content from all of these courses into a searchable knowledgebase to reinforce learning real time – as they need it – in the flow of work. Don’t rely on employees logging back into the LMS to access that knowledge.
  • Publish the same content in document form for instructor and student guides for classroom sessions.
  • Create audience –specific eLearning content for audiences with regional or role differences using publishing tags.

And much more.

Content changes are synchronized regardless of where it is used, so updating content is easy and fast, with almost immediate availability for learners.

dominKnow | ONE makes it possible for teams to collaboratively gather, create, review, share, and re-use any kind of knowledge asset you create fueling huge productivity gains across the enterprise.

When you’re ready to save time and money, it’s time to give dominKnow | ONE and Convey a try.

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