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Powerful, single-user authoring with unlimited projects and unlimited reviewers.


(per year)
*limited TIME OFFER

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  • Single-user Authoring

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Reviewers

  • 5 GB

  • Email, Knowledge-base, and Community Support

  • Self-paced training


Authoring for teams of 2 to 4 developers. Collaborate in real-time, share and reuse resources.


(Per user/per year)

*Special OFFER: 2 users for the price of 1 (First 2 Users only)

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  • Collaborative Authoring

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Reviewers

  • 5 GB / user, pooled

  • Email, Knowledge-base, and Community Support

  • Self-paced training


For teams of 5 or more. Advanced user rights and team management tools with your own private cloud.



Need an Enterprise Solution ?
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  • Collaborative Authoring

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Reviewers

  • 10 GB / user, pooled

  • Email, Knowledge-base, and Community Support

  • Self-paced training

  • Multi-level Course Organization

  • User Roles and Rights Management

  • Team Management Tools

  • Custom Test Questions

  • Private Cloud

Need an Enterprise Solution?

The world’s top organizations choose dominKnow for their learning development needs. Make the most of your valuable learning assets with our enterprise level Learning Content Management Solution (LCMS) solution.

Everything you need to create, deploy, and track content for formal learning and on-the-job support is included — with a full set of tools and processes to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, including:

  • Custom URLs and Private Clouds
  • Staging and production sites
  • APIs for system integration
  • Custom system configuration
  • Single Sign On (SAML2)
  • Multi-domain account management
  • Customisable security
  • A dedicated account manager

Great Organizations Choose dominKnow

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Service Options

We've been in the eLearning industry for well over a decade and know what it takes to make your learning organisation successful. In addition to the dominKnow platform, we offer the following service options to ensure a successful implementation and roll out of your solution.

Premium Support 

All authoring packages come with Standard Level Support, which includes unlimited email support, embedded help, stock art, and all system updates. Premium Level Support offers everything Standard does, plus unlimited phone support, integration and configuration support, web meeting support, and 10% off custom services. You can purchase Premium Level Support at any time for 15% of your total license cost.

Team Training

Instructor-led team training is available at a client location or delivered via web-conference. Pricing is based on groups of up to 10 learners and is available in a two-day or three-day format. Training is led by an experienced instructional designer with an intimate knowledge of the dominKnow platform. Have a large number of people who need training? Ask about our "Train-the-Trainer" program.

Other Services

dominKnow can also provide a host of other services — from course creation and conversion to custom Theme and Template development. Need help with something? Just ask!


How is a cloud-based authoring tool different from a desktop tool?

Online authoring tools offer several advantages that desktop tools simply can't. Features such as working on the same project at the same time, the ability to share and re-use learning resources across all projects and platforms, and the ability to allow subject matter experts and other stakeholders to review and approve content on line — with no special tools or configurations necessary. Learn more

What if I run out of storage?

All storage limits are soft limits. If you are in danger of using more than your allotted space we won’t shut off your ability to add more content. Instead we’ll contact you, let you know you are over the limit, and give you an opportunity to remove files or purchase additional storage space.

Is there training available?

From within the software interface you can download our self-paced training materials — which include a step-by-step training guide and all the materials needed to build an instructionally sound eLearning course. If you would like more training support, we also offer instructor led training options that can be delivered virtually or on location at your company’s site. For larger organizations, ask about our Train-the-Trainer program.

Can I add users ?

Yes, user access is under your control.  Your license is based on active users and you can activate or deactivate users whenever you want as much as you want within your total license count.  If you are growing and need to add additional licenses, contact us. These will be pro-rated against your annual agreement.

What do I get with standard support?

Support is a click away when you are logged into the system. From within the software you have access to a quick interface overview, a complete self-paced training guide, hundreds of searchable knowledge base articles, quick-view videos covering a variety of features, access to our dominKnow webinar series, and unlimited email support.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits and educational institutions?

Yes, please contact us  with your institution's information to see if you are eligible.

Can I get premium support?

Need a little extra help or want to ramp up faster? Premium support is for you.  You can add premium support to your account at anytime for 15% of your total license cost, contact us to get set up.

What are the benefits of a private cloud?

  • Your own URL for accessing the system.
  • A dedicated instance of the platform vs a tenant of a shared instance.
  • Ability to align setup with specific customer IT policies.
  • Optional SAML2 SSO.
  • Flexibility in meeting specific customer needs outside of the normal update cycle.
  • Inclusion of authoring roles and rights vs everyone sees everything.
  • Manage your own accounts and users vs dominKnow doing making changes upon request.
  • Storage data limits pooled for all users vs each user having a set amount.
  • Template libraries and categories expanded for better organization of content.

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