It’s nice to see you again!

It’s been a while since we first connected – and we have so much new to share with you.

Our Summer 2021 feature release rolled out last month with some great new features, including:

dominKnow interface
The new Add To Your Page panel makes it so much easier to create content pages. It's one of several new interface improvements that help authors work faster.
  • A major renovation of the authoring experience, simplifying and streamlining how authors work in dominKnow | ONE.
  • The integration of our dominKnow community into dominKnow | ONE providing new inline help available on every element you work with on a page to help authors easily learn dominKnow | ONE as they work, and even get inspired by capabilities they didn’t know existed.
  • Full text and metadata search for Learning Objects, Pages and Question across the entire catalog of projects, making it easier than ever to re-use content across multiple projects.
  • The ability for authors to save any Section on a Flow page and add it to their own collection for use as a template in any other Project or as a collaborative shared template for all authors in that project. In Claro, they can save Layers for the same purpose.
  • Five new interactive Exercise activities – Multiple Pulldowns, Fill in the Blanks, Click the Word, Drag the Word and Card Sorting – provide new ways of helping your learners practice new knowledge skills and demonstrate understanding. These are all fully-xAPI enabled.
  • dominKnow’s industry-leading Scenario Builder now supports author-created custom characters and background images. Plus, Scenarios can now be used as scored test questions.

The Summer 2021 feature release was our biggest-ever update to dominKnow | ONE,

with well over a hundred new features and improvements.

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