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IBM has announced the end of life for their learning content management system (LCMS), Kenexa Evolution.  Many organizations need to find a replacement. Is your organization one of those? 
dominKnow | ONE should be on your list of options. Our Enterprise edition already helps dozens of organizations around the world meet their needs for an LCMS, and has since it was first launched in 2002. 

Why should you choose
dominKnow | ONE
as your organization's next LCMS?

Like Kenexa Evolution, dominKnow | ONE can help your organization's learning and development team:
  • Collaborate on content projects no matter where teams are located
  • Reduce the time required to produce content
  • Take advantage of a single-source design approach
  • Safely keep all content in one location
And dominKnow | ONE gives you even more ways to make content than Kenexa Evolution, content as robust as any made by a desktop authoring tool and in many cases, even better.
dominKnow | ONE provides a single platform where teams can work together collaboratively to develop, manage, and publish training content using a single-source reusable content approach all coupled with a modern powerful and flexible authoring environment.  It provides all the benefits you expect and need from an LCMS without making sacrifices in the quality of your content.
It’s the best of both worlds – a fully-enterprise-level LCMS and a world-class authoring tool.

Migrating to dominKnow | ONE –
What About Our Content? 

The last thing you want is to have to leave your existing content behind because you need to switch to a new LCMS. The good news: you don’t have to. dominKnow’s experience working with our roster of existing LCMS clients includes migrating content made in legacy authoring tools and LCMSs to dominKnow | ONE. The result is fully editable content that can be easily updated, edited, reused – taking full advantage of what dominKnow | ONE has to offer.   
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