Unlocking Efficiency with Single-sourced Learning Content

June 12, 2024
1 minutes

This episode of the inKnowvation podcast, presented by dominKnow, features a conversation with Paul Schneider, PhD, the senior VP of business development at dominKnow. The discussion centers on the innovation in eLearning content creation, collaboration, and distribution, with a deep dive into the concept of single sourcing. Single sourcing is detailed as a methodology that allows content creators to produce content once and adapt it for various uses, driving efficiencies in creation, maintenance, and distribution. The episode covers how single sourcing can lead to more personalized learning experiences, facilitates better collaboration, and simplifies distribution processes, making it invaluable for organizations aiming to enhance their eLearning strategies and outcomes.

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About inKnowvation

inKnowvation is dominKnow’s podcast series with a focus on innovating your eLearning strategy, tools, teams, and processes in a way that drives business outcomes for your organization. Our hosts Paul Schneider and Chris Van Wingerden provide insights on how the L&D world blends with the knowledge management space in a perfect Venn diagram. Join us for discussions and helpful observations that can help your organization.

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