The Big Shift – Virtual and Hybrid Learning in the Wake of COVID-19

November 2, 2022
2 minutes
Jo Cook joined #IDIODC November 2.

So much changed in the spring of 2020. In our L&D world, there was a massive shift to online learning to deal with the elimination of in-person events.

Two-and-a-half years later online virtual and hybrid sessions are still a highly popular way of delivering training. Our industry has had time to settle in with tools like Teams and Zoom – but how many of us have actually been able to shift to using them in the most effective ways possible?

In this week’s session we talked with Jo Cook to discuss her research with Jane Daly, Behavioral Scientist specializing in evidence-based culture and capability transformation.

Jo and Jane released the results of their research report on the use of virtual and hybrid learning for organizational training in November 2022.

Jo also joined us in 2021 to discuss early insights of this research the prior year, and we were excited to have her back to learn more now that the report is out in full and see what has and hasn’t changed in the past 12 months!

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About Jo Cook

Jo Cook is a speaker, instructional designer and classroom facilitator who specializes in virtual classrooms, webinars and live online learning technology. Jo’s passion is in helping and supporting teams, professionals and organizations embrace the benefits of the virtual classroom.

Through her company Lightbulb Moment, Jo has specialized in training learning professionals about virtual classroom design and delivery since 2013 and has spoken on various topics at conferences such as Learning Technologies, Online Educa Berlin and keynoted for Colleges Wales and E-learning Fusion.

Jo is also part-time is the Deputy Editor of Training Journal magazine and website and her background include: further and higher education; the charity sector; small and large organizations, including CNN News and Bupa International.

Find out more about Jo and her work on her website! Jo has started her own free, open community for sharing webinar and virtual classroom questions, challenges and ideas:


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