Solve Knowledge and Learning Issues with Organization Enablement

July 26, 2023
4 minutes
Mike Simmons joins #IDIODC.

We've all heard of Sales Enablement roles. But why is it that only sales teams get special attention enabling them to do their jobs better? Shouldn't we be enabling the entire organization?  

One might argue that traditional onboarding and training has that responsibility. But it's not quite the same. Enabling all departments to be successful and productive requires more than what traditional training departments provide. Supporting the moments of need within all departments requires knowledge management, informal learning, social learning, access management, and more.  

Mike Simmons joined us to talk about organization enablement and how L&D is uniquely positioned to blend the best of Knowledge Management, Performance Improvement, and Learning & Development into a cohesive solution that enables all employees to be their best and provide the most value to their organizations.

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About Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons has more than 2.5 decades of operations, consulting, customer success, sales, sales operations leadership experience. 20 of these years have been in the EdTech space where he helped numerous clients achieve success through the application of innovative technology to their learning, skills development and behavior change challenges.  

A lifelong learner, his approach is creative, analytical, and driven to achieve results.  

He's also a husband, father, and aspiring golfer 🏌️‍♂️.  And a HubSpot Partner - focused on Organization Enablement, Revenue Enablement, Customer Enablement, and building Revenue Engines.

Recognized for Leadership, Team Development, Enterprise Sales, Strategic Account Management, Partner Management, and Cross-Team Collaboration.

Creative and Critical Thinking, helping other think differently about problem solving, decision making & execution.

Very interested in the evolution of GTM (Go to Market), PLG (Product Led Growth), Organization Enablement, EdTech, Digital Transformation, and Management Operating Systems. (MIND, EOS, OKR, MBO, etc)


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