Questions to Ask BEFORE Talking about Training

February 17, 2021
5 minutes
Questions to Ask BEFORE Talking about Training

Do you often wonder if training is necessary?

Are you tired of being a department of order takers?

What if there was a magic question, or collection of questions, you could ask stakeholders when they request training that could convince them training might not be the answer?

Actually, there are 20 questions you should ask. And our guest in this episode wrote the book on them.

Jeff Kortenbosch has been a successful Learning professional for more than two decades and has put these questions to the test. And they work.

Jeff walked us through some of the 20 questions and shared his insights into why they work and how important it is to use these questions to gain clarity. He estimates 40% of his requests do not turn into real projects after applying the 20 question process.

And if you're wondering why anyone would want to turn away work then you better check out the recording and find out!

Just taking on every training request that comes in is not a good strategy for success... for you OR the business. You want to be working on the training solutions with the most business impact, and not just every request that lands in the inbox.

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About Jeff Kortenbosch

Jeff Kortenbosch is a Senior Performance, Change and Learning professional with over 20 years of experience in both traditional and modern learning and performance concepts. He's an accomplished performance consultant, learning advisor, business partner, L&D leader, coach, trainer and content-developer on a mission to bring performance-based learning and business impact back to the workplace.

He’s also the author of 20 Questions L&D Should Ask BEFORE Talking about Training.


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