How to Step Up Your Leadership Development in a Pandemic

November 25, 2020
3 minutes
How to Step Up Your Leadership Development in a Pandemic

Many L&D professionals focus on training processes, sales, product knowledge, compliance topics, and others. But few ever step into Leadership Development.  Why is that?

Now more than ever organizations NEED leadership. Even executive leaders are in new territory and are asking for help.  Learning and Development teams have an opportunity to show their value, or increase their value, to the business by stepping up their management/leadership development programs.

Kati Ryan is an L&D consultant in San Francisco who is stepping up her practice and supporting her clients with improved leadership development.  It’s always been part of her skillset but it was less of a priority for many clients...until 2020 changed everyone’s plans.

The pandemic has caused many consultants to pivot their business and Kati talked to us about her addition of leadership development in her consulting business. She became certified as an executive coach and immediately put her additional skills to work supporting her existing clients with services beyond training programs.

We also talked about how this pandemic is a perfect opportunity for internal L&D professionals to step up their game and provide executive support by engaging with leaders in an empathetic way. Every situation will be different but we can all adjust the training department’s priorities by supporting those areas that need it most and provide the most value. Management and Leadership development is the area that should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Check out the full session including the always-informative chat right here.

About Kati Ryan

Expanding her side hustle into a thriving and profitable business in less than a year, Kati Ryan is the founder of A Positive Adventure, a learning and development consulting firm. Kati has built award-winning training programs for companies like Instacart, Marine Layer,, CREDO Mobile, Gannett, LivingSocial, and others.

Kati is a professionally-trained and engaging public keynote speaker. She has spoken at industry conferences including Training Industry Conference & Expo, TLDC, Advanced Learning Institute, Women in Digital National Conference, UserTesting International Women’s Month Event, ATD International Convention, and contributed content to publications such as, Building the Sales Machine, ATD, and been quoted in Fast Company on effective team building practices.

Kati’s passion is motivating founders, employees and making learning stick by helping others reach their full potential through a positive and successful learning experience.



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