How L&D Can Become a Trusted Business Advisor

May 3, 2023
3 minutes
Jess Almlie joined #IDIODC May 3.

Learning and Development leaders and their teams support many different stakeholders. But all these stakeholders play an important role in each enterprise's success. If our job is to help them improve their performance, then we must learn to become better advisors to those lines of business.

Jess Almlie joined us to talk about becoming a trusted business advisor. For Jess, this is key in doing our best work as L&D professionals. Working as a trusted business advisor allows us to get out of the order-taking business and into the business of working strategically, maximizing our use of time and resources, and creating solutions that impact the organization. If we have the trust of our business stakeholders, we can say yes strategically (saying "no" to items that won't be solved by learning and/or are just "nice to have"), be proactive in our approach, and really work collaboratively with our business stakeholders as opposed to just doing things for them.  

It is an important part of building your career as an L&D professional. And if you are already in a position of leadership, you'll benefit from this conversation as well.

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About Jess Almlie

Jess Almlie has worked in learning and development roles for the entirety of her 25+ year career spanning the for-profit, non-profit, and higher education sectors. Currently, she is the owner of Learning Business Advisor Consulting, a firm dedicated to upleveling learning programs within organizations. Previously, Jess served as the Vice President for Learning Experience in the benefits division of WEX.  

Jess is an L&D thought leader and writes a regular newsletter on LinkedIn called, “L&D Must Change.” She earned a B.A. in Organizational Communication, an M.S. in Educational Leadership, and a certificate in Improving Human Performance. Jess volunteers as a National Advisor for Chapters for ATD and is a member of the Talent Development Think Tank, a community of forward-thinking talent development leaders from around the world.


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