How Artificial Intelligence Changes the Learning Game

April 21, 2021
4 minutes
Donald Clark EdTech Entrepreneur, CEO, Professor, Researcher, Author, Blogger, Speaker

Artificial intelligence is a complex topic for L&D professionals, but in this episode of Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee #IDIODC we try to learn more with world-wide learning leader, Donald Clark.  

The digital era has significantly impacted every industry of modern life. It's been good in many ways and bad in others.  

Sadly, the lecture is still the primary means of educating humans in our current systems, even if that lecture is presented online. But is that as far as digital technology can impact education and our learning systems?  I don't think so. And neither does Donald.

We discussed the many changes in pedagogy throughout the years to better understand where we're going in the future.  

Artificial intelligence plays a major role in that future. But do we really understand how it impacts the work we do for businesses and higher education? Maybe not completely, but we're getting very close.

This timely conversation is a perfect transition into the new world of work.  Whether your office stays at home or you move back into the corporate HQ, how you engage with content, create content, and publish content is changing rapidly.  

And AI is a big part of your future success. Watch the replay for a wide-ranging and entertaining conversation with Donald Clark.

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About Donald Clark

Donald Clark is an EdTech Entrepreneur, CEO, Professor, Researcher, Author, Blogger and Speaker. He was CEO and one of the original founders of Epic Group plc, which established itself as the leading company in the UK online learning market, floated on the Stock Market in 1996 and sold in 2005. As well as being the CEO of Wildfire an AI-driven learning company, he also invests in, and advises, EdTech companies.

Describing himself as ‘free from the tyranny of employment’, he is a board member of LearningPool. He is also a Visiting Professor and involved in research into AI in learning. He has worked in schools, vocational, higher, corporate and adult learning, delivering real projects to real learners.

Donald has over 30 years experience in online learning, games, simulations, semantic, adaptive, chatbot, social media, mobile learning, virtual reality and AI projects. He has designed, delivered and advised on online learning for many global, public and private organisations. He is an evangelist for the use of technology in learning and has won many awards, including the first ‘Outstanding Achievement in E-learning Award’ and ‘Best AIM Stock Market Company’, ‘Most Innovative Online Product’ (for WildFire), ‘Best Online Learning Project (for WildFire)’ and ‘JISC EdTech Award’ (for WildFire).

An award winning speaker at national and international conferences, he has delivered keynotes in Europe. US, Africa, Australia, Middle and Far East and is also a regular blogger (10 years+) on learning technology. His series on learning theorists, as well as 500 researched, online design tips, are valuable open resources. His book on AI for learning is on Amazon and his next book Learning Experience Design will be published this year.


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