Here’s to endings and new beginnings

July 27, 2023
5 Minutes
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It’s been a fantastic past five years running IDIDOC. We’d like to thank all of our wonderful guests for sharing their time with us. We’ve learned a lot of things and we’ve shared many laughs. Between the chair dancing, impressive stories, and learnings, we’d like to thank you, the viewer, for showing up time and time again. Each time we pressed that button to go live it was exciting! The live weather reports would come rolling in and we enjoyed that interaction. There was never a shortage of questions for our guests and that made the show great. Your participation made the show what it was.  

In fact, our all-time downloads, according to Simplecast are 213,059. Mainly our audience came from the US (149,658 all-time downloads), Canada (13,425 all-time downloads), Australia (7,201 all-time downloads), and the United Kingdom (6,949 all-time downloads). Honorable mentions include fans from the Netherlands, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and France.  

We estimate the total number of people who signed up for IDIODC episodes to be around 17,850. That’s a heck of a lot of coffee.

Our top all-time downloaded episodes were memorable to say the least! Special thanks to Karl Kapp, Clark Quinn, Mike Simmons, Jeanne Bakker, and Patti Shank for making such memorable content.

Episode E170 Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement with Karl Kapp - 1,769 downloads

Episode E186 Making Meaningful Learning Solutions with Clark Quinn - 1,642 downloads

Episode E199 Understanding Organizational Enablement for Instructional Designers with Mike Simmons - 1,642 downloads

Episode E181 Using Storytelling, Gamification, and Measuring Results for Success with Jeanne Bakker - 1,602 downloads

E167 Improving eLearning with Better Multiple-Choice Questions with Patti Shank - 1,537 downloads

We sincerely appreciate ALL of our guests and you’ve given us a lot to think about over the years.

Every time we were at an event, the shouts of recognition as people pointed at the IDIODC banner or thanked us for the stickers warmed the cockles of our hearts. Yes, it’s a bit sappy, but it’s true. We appreciate you and everyone that contributed to IDIODC.  

We have a ton of memories to look back on! So many fun moments.  

As one half of our duo, Chris has his favorite moments on IDIODC that are hard to forget!  

Here are a few to mention:

Allow me to be sentimental for a moment.

Sometime in early 2013, Brent said to me one day, “You and I should do a podcast.”

So, we did.

It sounds sort of flippant, but we really did just start doing these sessions. We played around with some different tools, some different approaches. Guests started accepting our invitations, lol. And at some point #IDIODC became a real thing.

And for the past five-plus years, it’s been a true honor to be in the green room and hear Brent start the count down, “5, 4, 3, 2…” and then hit the theme music.

It’s also been a true honor for me to see the community that has grown up around #IDIODC. We see so many returning audience folks in the chat every week, and I love hearing about the weather in your neighborhood whether that neighborhood’s in New York, New Brunswick, New Zealand or New Delhi.

One of the coolest things about IDIODC for me is how it lets me meet and speak with some of the many folks who have been big influences on my own instructional design career, folks whose research, books, sessions etc. I’ve leaned heavily on.  

Will Thalheimer was one of the earliest examples. I’ve re-read his research work on Spaced Repetition several times, and it’s been a cornerstone of some of my own presentations and project designs. Or having both Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher on separate episodes – for someone who refers to the Five Moments of Need on at least a weekly basis, I can’t tell you what an honor those episodes were! Every episode with Patti Shank was a true delight. And having one of our industry’s founding thinkers, David Merrill on a 2021 episode was a true honor.

I seem to be using the word, “honor” a lot. It just seems to be a most applicable word. I’m so honored that so many folks found value in IDIODC, honored that so many of you joined us live on Wednesdays and so many more of you downloaded us onto your podcast lists and listened to us as part of your week. Thanks for being #IDIODC with us!

Of course, Brent, the producer and brainchild of IDIODC, has so many stories as the day is long. Here are Brent’s reflections on 238 episodes:

Honestly, every Wednesday morning since I pitched the idea to Chris has been that favorite moment. After daily live streaming for over a year on my own, I knew my next live stream needed a cohost. We had so much fun in meetings together that I figured we needed to share that with everyone. Teaching, and learning, is what we do. I always knew that in each episode we would be part of teaching the community, as well as learning something new ourselves. Each guest was great in their own way, but without the community in the chat room IDIODC would have just been another podcast. I suppose my favorite moments likely came about because of the wonderful, hilarious, friends and colleagues who joined us in the chat from around the world. The community is what made it so special.    

And like all good things, IDIODC has come to an end. BUT, and a big but, that doesn’t mean the good times have to end.

In fact, that means the total opposite – we’re starting something new. Every month we’re going to spotlight clients who have stories to tell that can help you. Come, join us, and see how you can continue learning, and finding ways to improve your business practices.  

Let’s stay connected and keep the momentum going. We like you; we really like you, and we’d like to go forward together in this new adventure.  

Stay tuned and remember, chair dancing is always an option.  

See you soon!