Catching and Riding the Instructional Design Wave

June 22, 2022
4 minutes
Chuck Hodell joins Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee.

If you're new to Instructional Design, or a more experienced L&D professional, you've probably seen the need for our skills spike recently.

There has never been a better time to be an Instructional Designer. Job growth is predicted to be at the top of the list of professional careers. Emerging technologies and a systemic migration of our definition of a learning space has created a wave of innovation like nothing before. The talent and creativity necessary to perform this work has never been more demanding, and sometimes unforgiving.

As we think about the future, and our role as instructional designers we are often left wondering where technology and good design best intersect. Is the latest fad in technology worthy of our interest, or just another one-hit wonder? In this new wave of learning design, this tension only gets more pronounced.

Chuck Hodell joined us to talk about riding the ISD Wave. He talked about how to find the best design solutions for our learning populations based on the competing interests of technology and clients. And how finding that balance is not as difficult as it might first seem to be. Just like riding the pipeline at Oahu, the Supertubes of Jeffrey’s Bay or the Mavericks in California; it just requires knowledge, timing, and skill!

Watch the recording and catch the wave.

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About Chuck Hodell

Dr. Chuck Hodell is a Faculty Lecturer at Northeastern University, Affiliate Professor at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and Academic Advisor for Instructor Certification at the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation. He is also the Co-creator/Co-host of Instructional Design from the Ground Up YouTube show and author of several works, including Introduction to Instructional Systems Design:  Theory and Practice.  ATD Press (2021), ISD from the Ground Up.  ASTD (4 editions – 2000, 2006, 2010, 2016), SMEs from the Ground Up. ASTD (2013), frequent contributor for ATD, including Training and Development Magazine. PhD in Language, Literacy and Culture; MA in ISD, UMBC


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