Becoming an Accidental Instructional Designer

June 14, 2023
4 minutes
Cammy Bean joins #IDIODC.

Oops! I tripped on a Lego, and got back up as an accidental instructional designer.  

HA! Okay, maybe not that type of accident. But there aren't that many of us that grew up always wanting to be an ID. The reality of our workforce is that we're the island of misfit corporate professionals, and former schoolteachers.  

This is also the story of today's guest. And she also wrote the book on becoming an Accidental Instructional Designer. Cammy Bean joined us to talk about her journey as she launches the second edition of her book. We also talked about the many hats of instructional design and the growing ecosystem of technology that has expanded the number hats needing to be worn.  

If you're an organizational leader wanting to expand your training department but don't know what skills you need on your team, we'll talk about that too. Cammy has had an amazing career working with many organizations giving her unique insights into training teams. She's seen firsthand what works, and what doesn't. Join us for an incredible conversation with Cammy Bean.

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About Cammy Bean

Cammy Bean started as a Junior Instructional Designer in 1996 and has since collaborated with hundreds of organizations to design and deliver training programs. She’s worked at small startups, mid-sized training companies, boutique e-learning shops, and as a freelance instructional designer. An English and German studies major in college, Cammy found an affinity for writing and making complex ideas and concepts clear to an audience.

In 2009, she helped start up US operations for Kineo, a global provider of learning solutions. Originally Kineo’s VP of learning design, Cammy is currently a senior solutions consultant. In this role she leads the North American sales team, supports clients through the initial discovery process, and manages Kineo’s portfolio of custom client accounts to help organizations meet their strategic business objectives through better learning solutions. She is the author of The Accidental Instructional Designer: Learning Design for the Digital Age – second edition (ATD Press, 2023).


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