Free Graphics Collection To Help You With COVID-19 Related Training

We know a lot of organizations are working hard to put COVID-19 related training and information in place for their employees. Our dominKnow team has created a collection of COVID-19 related graphics to help and we're offering them free for you to download and use.
The collection has almost 100 different core images available in eight different colors plus spot color variations and even design variations. There are roughly 4,700 separate images in total! 

The images are transparent PNGs, which makes it easy to add them to any content whether that’s an elearning course or a slide deck for presentations. 

The images were created by the dominKnow team and we’re licencing them under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Icon Samples
Are you a dominKnow | ONE user?  There’s no need to use the form below! These graphics are already loaded into your dominKnow | ONE site’s Stock Image library. Here’s a quick overview of where to find them:
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