Food Processing

An interactive course built in Flow

Created by dominKnow partners, Tesseract, Food Processing is an interactive online eLearning course that focuses on the user’s journey to travel the world on a corporate mission.

The course starts with the option to select one out of four avatars. The choices include Stacy, Peter, John, and Lisa. After selecting an avatar, the learner meets another character who is audibly introduced as their mentor named Carol. Carol informs the learner that their mission is to travel the world to get the company’s latest food certified. However, the competition is close on their heels, implying that the learner must understand the knowledge provided first before going out into the world. After this brief introduction, Carol wishes the learner good luck and a proceed button appears.

The next screen is titled Processed Food Impact with a list of seven levels the learner must complete. Once the mission starts, the learner is asked to report to the mission control room by clicking on the highlighted building with an information lower case “i” information symbol. After doing so, the learner is asked to click on the map to find out more about processed foods, again with an “i” information symbol.

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A mini quiz, using darts on a map, challenges the learner to identify where in the world processed meat is a preferred food. A timer is used with a one-minute time limit. With four darts, the learner is asked to click on a target to identify the countries. Immediately after, the learner is shown their score and which answers were correct and incorrect. The answers are shown with a simple green check mark or red x.

Mentor Carol takes the learner through a list of people who appreciate certified meat products. This list can be altered and provides a visually appealing way to display a list. Continuing, Mentor Carol provides information on four meat categories based on various religious beliefs. The next step is to start Stage One and begin the mission.

In Stage One, the learner is asked to click on the farmland to identify animals used for processed meat. This type of identification game offers seven options for the learner to pick from. When the correct answer is selected, an orange text box confirming the answer comes down from the top of the screen and lets the learner know they have earned five points. On the flipside, when the incorrect answer is picked, a red text box indicates the answer is incorrect and the animal is not part of processed foods. Once all the animals have been identified the learner is shown their final score and asked to continue. The final screen shows a congratulatory message, the final score, and a message that the learner has successfully completed the course.

This online eLearning course can be edited for various types of industries as the course itself has an easy to update format. The overall format of the course is set up to provide an overview of information and let the learner make decisions based on what they learned beforehand. Such a course would be perfect for those who require information to be given in steps and easy to understand sections.  

This interactive course is easily expandable for topics that require in-depth discussion. Verticals such as healthcare, company and information technology, retail and eCommerce, and construction would be ideal for this type of course. Built in Flow, its responsive design means it will work great on any device screen.

Download the template for yourself in the dominKnow Marketplace or contact our partners Tesseract for a custom-built course.